Ferromex 4655 and the Gateway Arch

October 7, 2007. Cahokia, Illinois.

Ferromex (FXE) 4655 is on the point of an empty BNSF ore train heading north on the Union Pacific's Chester Subdivision. The train is just south of Valley Junction in East St. Louis, Illinois.

Photo © Tom Gatermann.


  1. Thanks Hayley Enoch. Back in 2007 Ferromex locos seemed to show up on these BNSF ore trains some what regularly. Unfortunately, I haven't seen one around here in a long time.

  2. They show up on my tracks fairly regularly. Maybe once a week or so.

  3. They definitely add some eye-popping color to the rail scene.

  4. Tom Gatermann Yah,  one of the best Class 1 schemes out there right now if you ask me.


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