Looking Out Over The River

Looking Out Over The River

April 29, 2015. Praha (Prague), Czechia.

This is a view of the River Vltava is from one of the balconies at the Old Royal Palace. The Old Royal Palace is part of the Prague Castle complex. This view is looking to the northeast from the palace. The green topped building in the lower middle of the photograph is the Straka Academy (Czech: Strakova akademie), the main seat of government for the Czech Rebpulic.

Photo © Tom Gatermann

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  1. Czechia, please. Call our country Czechia. "Czech republic" is political name as well as French Republic or Spanish Kingdom. Not necessary to use that clumsy political denomination. Tschechien in German, Chequia in Spanish, Tchéquie in French, etc..... Thank you.

  2. Interesting. I had never heard of this name until now. After researching it a bit, the historical evidence suggest it to be a valid English name for your country. However, it seems your own government has done a bad job over the years of clearly defining how to refer to the Czech Republic in the English language in a none political way. Personally, I have no problem using the name Czechia, and since there is a push from your own President to use the name Czechia, I'll go ahead and use it for now.

  3. You are right, our political representatives have completely failed. Thank you for understanding. 

  4. Myths and legends about geographical name of the Czech state by Václav Dedík. Highly recommended to learn: Czechia: The myths and facts about the short English name of the Czech Republic http://www.go-czechia.com/.

    What Václav Dědík prefers is absolutely irrelevant, it is about personal opinion. Czech Republic is clumsy formal political name with limitation of the meaning only to actual state subject. I consider ridiculous to use in common language political, time limited name (with consequencies "Charles IV was the king of the Czech Republic and similar wrong interpretations) for the state with history much longer than history of republican system. But, my personal taste is not important. It is a matter of common sense to realize, that the importance of geographical name is in its universality and political neutrality. Every well established state understand this need. Political name can never substitute geographical one. It is necessary to learn , that Czechia /ˈtʃɛki.ə/ (Česko /ˈtʃɛskɔ/ in Czech) is  is the official English short-form and geographical name of the Czech Republic. The name was registered by the United Nations and included in the UNO Gazetteers of Geographical Names in the beginning of the modern Czech state in 1993. There have never been there other officially suggested alternatives. 

    Highly recommended (to Václav Dědík): Do not spread your personal opinions, which are irrelevant and do not spread disinformation, if you are not properly educated in the issue. In the meanwhile, you can learn the difference between  geographical and political name of the country, the difference between terms official and unofficial, about history of the name http://czechia-initiative.com/czechia_name.html , and also about using geographical name of similar origin in many other languages. 

    Last, but not least: The November 2014 statement of the Terminological Committee of the Czech Office for Surveying, Mapping and Cadastre states: “According to the article 3 of Act 1994/2000 on Land Surveying, the standardization of names of settlement and non-settlement units is a land surveying activity in public interest and its results and recommendations should be followed by national and local state institutions. The position of the Terminological Committee of the Czech Office for Surveying, Mapping and Cadastre, an advisory authority of the Czech Office for Surveying, Mapping and Cadastre for the codification of country names, on the use of the name Česko and its foreign language variants (Czechia, Tschechien, Tchéquie, Chequia…) is positive. This position on the use of one-word name Česko and its equivalents in foreign languages has not changed since 1993. The experts unequivocally recommended the use of “Czechia” in English and its variants in other language (Tschechien, Tchéquie, Chequia etc.). This is not an opinion but the outcome of the process of standardization.” – This decision about the name “Czechia” has been made by those who are qualified by law to make it.

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  5. * Political names are connected with momentary political system of the state, therefore have a transient character
    * Geographical names do not depend on changes of state political system, therefore represent continuity of the state in space and time

    The Czech state has existed for more than one thousand years and the Czech Republic only for 22 years. Its geographical and short name “Česko” in Czech and the synonyms in various languages (Czechia, Tschechien, Tchéquie, Chequia, etc.) were approved as official, standardized names only in April 1993, and that delay paradoxically became the reason for Czech politicians to question Czechia as a name and instead insist on using the political denomination, despite the fact that the name "Czechia" (unlike CR) has existed for centuries, represents the Czech state in all historical continuity and gives it a timeless dimension. On the other hand, Germany was born by the unification of many territorial units under the leading role of Kingdom of Prussia only in 1871, but nobody questions its historical continuity !

  6. It is not about sounding right or ridicoulous, How weird and ridiculous was Czechoslovakia? National Geographic called this name ridiculous in 1921 and how everyone got used to it. Name has to be precise first, which Czechia is without doubt as Slovakia, Croatia, Lithuania, Latvia. A small advice: say it loud out every morning ten times and after one week you will get used to it.

  7. Of course, majortity of people use that political name, because they have never heard about Czechia. This is the result of lack of information caused by Czech government, because politicians act using subjective opinions without responsibility and respect to needs of the state. Thanks for your respect and pity, you do not understand the sense of matter, because in that case you will hope we will be succesful. :-) This issue is really not about personal taste, but about principle and general benefit. To present our country in historical continuity and with clear trade mark. They are over 120 republics in the world, only a few of them emphasize it in their names. Central African Republic, Dominican republic and Czech Republic. Those other two do it, because they do not have geographical name, we do it, however we have it. Every well established country prefers to use in common language common (geographical) name, because they realize it presents their country in time and space continuity. We do not realize it. Very sad and awkward exception. Sentenced to be products of transient political systems, sentenced to be in the mist and mess. It is shortsighted and very unfavorable. Simply "the Czech Republic" is nothing else than current state formation in Czechia, there is the heart of matter.


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