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Here at this blog. My photo blog is now my primary photo posting location. The bulk of its starter posts are from an export of my G+ public profile, using Friends+Me's Google+ Exporter. (Here is a link to Friends+Me's profile on G+: https://plus.google.com/+FriendsPlusMe).



I recently signed up to test the waters at Tipua. So far, I'm liking this site a lot. It has a clean interface and the developer is working actively to make this a great site for G+ refugees.


https://pluspora.tomgatermann.com (a redirect URL to my profile)



I signed up to give Flickr a try, and to follow some G+ photographers who are active there. I am not actively posting content here yet, though, I have posted a handful of images there.

Updated: 2019-May-10


  1. Hi.
    I was on google and searched for how to stabilize the speed of my asus RT-AC66U and saw you had commented on one post that was (I had a similar issue where I was only getting about 100-120 mbps on my 300 mbps net connection with me AC66U, I knew something was wrong because I always got the router I always got about 270-290mpbs on my connection.When I turned off QoS my speeds shot up to 170-200 Mbps I then turned off device logging, which disables hardware switching and uses the single core CPU, and my speeds are back to normal.

    I just wanted to ask you where to find "device logging" so I can turn it off. Everything else I've done already.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Here's my follow up comment on the site where you saw my original comment on. This tells you where the setting is at on the RT-AC66U's firmware settings.

      "When device monitoring, aka IP Traffic Monitoring (under Tools > Other Settings > Enable Traffic Monitoring, is enabled it disables NAT Acceleration.

      As a test, I set IP Traffic Monitoring to on just now, and it automatically disabled NAT Acceleration under LAN > Switch Control to disable. My Internet throughput decreased from an average of about 270 Mbps to 160 Mbps. Once I turned IP Traffic Monitoring off, and when to NAT Acceleration and set it to Auto, my speeds jumped back up to 270 Mbps on my Net connection.

      I should also state that this is using Asus Merlin on an AC66U router."

      I'm no longer using the AC66U as my router, so I can't double check the location of the setting, but hopefully I had it correct in my comment above. Here's a link to the blog post where I commented on: https://dfarq.homeip.net/recommended-asus-rt-ac66u-settings/

      Hope this helps.


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