Where to Find Me

Photo blog


This blog is my primary photo posting location. The bulk of its starter posts are from an export of my G+ public profile, using +Friends+Me's Google+ Exporter. (Here is a link to Friends+Me's profile on G+: https://plus.google.com/+FriendsPlusMe).



I recently signed up to give Flickr a try, and to follow some G+ photographers who are active there. I am not actively posting new content here yet.


https://pluspora.tomgatermann.com (a redirect URL to my profile)

This is probably going to become my primary social networking profile. I signed up for it back in the fall of 2018, gave it a whirl, then stopped actively engaging there. However, I am growing a bit tired of MeWe, and I have recently started posting and engaging with others again on Pluspora (*diaspora).



I am somewhat active here, though, I am not sure for how long. I thought MeWe with its polished interface (compared to some other sites) was where I would land for my social media presence, but I am having second thoughts about that now. For one, its close-garden environment is not quite sitting with me.

The G+ Exodus

For help and info on the G+ closure and migrating your data, see the Google+ Mass Migration Community:


Updated: 2019-Feb-13