UP 321 - Lesperance Industrial Lead - St. Louis - 12/28/04

UP 321 on The Lesperance Street Industrial Lead at St. Louis, MO
UP 321 - Bellerive Park - St. Louis, MO

Union Pacific 321 (an EMD GP38-2), and four other Geeps, lead a local south on the Lesperance Industrial Lead at Bellerive Park, in St. Louis, Missouri. The Lesperance Industrial Lead runs between Union Pacific's Lesperance Street Yard (milepost 0.0), to the north of this location, and Davis Junction (milepost 6.8) to the south. At Davis Junction the Lesperance Industrial Lead connects with the Union Pacific Desoto Subdivision.

Photo taken: St. Louis, Missouri. December 28, 2004.


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