UP 6510, Sitting and Waiting


Cotton Belt 7280 at St. Louis, MO

59 and Whistle

Two Lions

WSOR 101 Sitting Near KC Union Station

Abandoned DART Right of Way

Chapel of Thanksgiving

Looking Toward Laskay Emporium


No Parking, Anytime

Charging Forward

UP 4990 Into the Sun

Yellow Elevator

UP 4504 and NS 9804 Along North 2nd Street

Union Pacific 6356 Sitting Along Central Industrial Avenue

BNSF 9637 Sits on the Hannibal Subdivision

Where to Find Me After G+

BNSF 9683 Waiting on the Hannibal Subdivision

Google+ Import Boundary - Time to Move On

Testing Google+ Exporter

Through the Signal Bridge

BNSF 4370 at Ethel, MO.

A Trio of Locomotives at Carrollton, MO

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