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Looking up the stand pipe inside the Compton Heights Water Tower. Once or twice a year the old water tower is opened up to the general public to tour. At the top of the water tower is an observation deck that looks out over the City of St. Louis.
Photo taken: April 23, 2006. St. Louis, Missouri. Photo © Tom Gatermann.

UP 6510, Sitting and Waiting

Union Pacific 6510 sits on the point of a loaded coal train that is sitting on the mainline in UP's Dupo Yard. The train had been waiting for a new crew before heading south on the Chester Subdivision.

Photo take: November 2, 2005. Dupo, Illinois. Photo © Tom Gatermann


An emblem on a rusting car at Pollard's Collection.
Photo taken: August 12, 2008. Salem, Illinois. Photo © Tom Gatermann

Cotton Belt 7280 at St. Louis, MO

As I was digging through my old film archives I came across this shot from the early 1990s. Here the locomotives of two fallen flags lead a manifest freight west on the Union Pacific's Jefferson City Subdivision at Knox Avenue. On the point is St. Louis and Southwestern (Cotton Belt) 7280. I cannot make out the second unit's number, but the locomotive is a former Rio Grande unit. The third unit I believe was a lease unit.
I am not sure if this was taken in 1993 or 1994, but I know that the photograph was taken during the 1993-1994 winter. I was terrible back then at keeping any kind of decent photo logs (honestly I still am).
The photograph was captured on Kodak Tri-X 400 film. Probably processed in either Kodak D-76 or HC-110 film developer. The negative was scanned on a Nikon Coolscan 9000 ED film scanner, processed in PhotoShop , and run through Niksoftware's Dfine2 to reduce the grain a bit.
Photo taken: Winter 1993-1994. St. Louis, Missouri.  Photo © Tom Gatermann

59 and Whistle

Signs seem to be everywhere along the CN's Dundas Subdivision between the VIA station and the Thames Street crossing.

Photo taken: Ingersoll, Ontario. September 18, 2015. Photo © Tom Gatermann

Two Lions

Inside the Boston Central Library.
May 31, 2017. Boston, Massachusetts. Photo © Tom Gatermann

WSOR 101 Sitting Near KC Union Station

Wisconsin Southern 101 sits on the north side of the KCT's tracks, across from Kansas City Union Station.

The bridge was a former railroad bridge, and from information I found online it was known as the Pencoyd Bridge. It was part of the Kansas City Suburban Belt Railway, and it was originally located near the Missouri River by the Broadway Blvd./US 169 bridge. You can click here to see another of my photographs showing the bridge in its original location.

Photo taken: November 15, 2013. Kansas City, Missouri. Photo © Tom Gatermann

Abandoned DART Right of Way

Looking northwest down an abandoned DART right of way, near Bryan Street and Fairmount Street. The tracks were re-routed at some point, and the new route is just behind where I took this photo, along Bryan Street.

Photo take: May 2, 2017. Dallas, Texas. Photo © Tom Gatermann.

Chapel of Thanksgiving

May 4, 2017. Dallas, Texas.

In this view from the Center Court of Praise, at Thanks-Giving Square, the Chapel of Thanksgiving and the Gables Republic Tower can be seen.

Photo © Tom Gatermann.

Looking Toward Laskay Emporium

July 11, 2013. North York, Toronto, Ontario.

Looking toward Laskay Emporium, at Black Creek Pioneer Village.

Photo © Tom Gatermann.


August 25, 2012. Kirkwood, Missouri.

Looking through a tank car on display at the Museum of Transportation.

Photo © Tom Gatermann.

No Parking, Anytime

A grain train, lead by BNSF 7826 and an unknown BNSF unit (in a rapidly fading Santa Fe Warbonnet paint scheme), is seen here sitting along State Street. The train is sitting on TRRA tracks, just north of TRRA's Madison Yard. Here is another image of this same train, taken from a an almost-straint-on perspective.
Photo taken on: November 25, 2011, at Madison, Illinois.

Charging Forward

October 19, 2008. Durant, Iowa.

Iowa Interstate 6988 and Iowa Interstate 7081, lead a double-header steam excursion west at Durant, Iowa.

Photo © Tom Gatermann.

UP 4990 Into the Sun

Union Pacific 4990 leads a westbound freight on UP's Jefferson City Subdivision. The train is rounding the curve along Greenwood Boulevard at Sutton Avenue.

Photo taken on: October 8, 2006, at Maplewood, Missouri.

Yellow Elevator

November 23, 2010. Niagara Falls, Ontario.

A yellow elevator makes its way up to the observation deck of Skylon Tower, at Niagara Falls, Ontario.

Photo © Tom Gatermann.

UP 4504 and NS 9804 Along North 2nd Street

December 11, 2004. St. Louis, MO.

Union Pacific 4504 and Norfolk Southern (NS) 9804 lead a NS auto parts train along North 2nd Street. The train was heading toward NS' Luther Yard in North St. Louis.

Photo © Tom Gatermann.

Union Pacific 6356 Sitting Along Central Industrial Avenue

Union Pacific 6356 (SD60M) sits in a siding along Union Pacific's Jefferson City Subdivision, near Central Industrial Avenue and Chouteau Avenue.
The bridge in the background was the old Chouteau Avenue overpass. The buildings in the background are part of Midtown St. Louis. The taller building on the right is one of St. Louis University's dorm buildings, while the building on the left is the Continental Life Building. The Continental Life Building was built in the Art Deco style during the late 1920s and early 1930s. The building has been converted into apartments and retail spaces.
Photo taken: December 9, 2004. St. Louis, MO.

BNSF 9637 Sits on the Hannibal Subdivision

May 26, 2005. Clarksville, MO.

BNSF 9637 sits on the Hannibal Sub with an empty coal train, while waiting for rail traffic ahead to clear. There were about three or four trains parked back-to-back on the main line, all waiting to go north. Here's a link to another one of the trains that day that was waiting to head north.

BNSF 9637, at this time, was still painted in Burlington Northern's executive paint scheme.

Photo © Tom Gatermann

Where to Find Me After G+

Where to Find Me After G+ (Imported from G+ on 2019-Jan-17.)

Photo blog: (My main photo posting location.)
MeWe: (A walled garden. You have to join to view profiles.)
Pluspora: (Publicly accessible without signing up.)

Here's a link to a page containing all of the above links if you want to bookmark it:

I have exported and archived my G+ posts to this blog, which is where I'll be posting new stuff from now on. I will share those posts to G+, until the G+ shut down occurs, which is currently supposed to happen sometime in April 2019.

Updated: 2019-Jan-18.

BNSF 9683 Waiting on the Hannibal Subdivision

BNSF 9683 (an EMD SD70MAC) is serving as the distributed power unit (DPU) on a northbound empty coal drag. Rail traffic this day on BNSF's Hannibal Subdivision was busy, and there were a number of trains, including this one, waiting for traffic to clear. Here is a link to another photograph of one of the trains that was waiting to proceed north.

BNSF 9683, at this time, was still painted in Burlington Northern's executive paint scheme.

May 26, 2005. Clarksville, MO. Photo © Tom Gatermann.

Google+ Import Boundary - Time to Move On

All posts prior to this were imported from Google+, using Google+ Exporter from (about). (download site). (G+ Profile, this link probably won't work after the shut down).

In this export/import attempt, I have imported all public posts that were attached to my public posts on G+. However, the hashtags attached to my G+ posts did not get imported as Blogger labels in this attempt. However, I'm okay with that since I want to clean up and redo my hashtags/labels in this incarnation Web presence. In my first attempt to export my G+ profile and import it into Blogger, I did not import the comments and the hashtags were imported as Blogger labels.

On this blog I have severed it from G+. I know Blogger currently offers integration for Blogger profiles and for blog comments with G+, but those are probably not going to work after the G+ shutdown.

Testing Google+ Exporter

Testing Google+ Exporter

Note: This post was originally posted on my G+ profile.

Updated: 2019-Jan-17, & 2019-Sept-19.

I've created a second, and more permanent blog home here: (see below for more updated info).

Another option for exporting your G+ stream is the Google+ Exporter, from Friends+Me. I had been thinking about this one for a while, and since other people have had good success with it, I finally decided to give it a try. Initially, I used the free version which exports up to 800 posts. I was happy with the results, so I bought a license for it to export unlimited posts. To buy a license costs you $19.99.

The nice thing about this application is that it allows you to export directly to Blogger and Word Press formats, unlike Google's own Takeout.

After downloading my stream, I exported it to a Blogger backup file and created a quick blog to test it out. I'm still tweaking the look, but for a quick export and setup I'm re…

Through the Signal Bridge

A Union Pacific double-stack train passes under one of the old Santa Fe style signal bridges along BNSF's Marceline Subdivision. Today, I believe that all of these old signal bridges are now gone, having been replaced with newer tri-color modular block signals that sit atop signal poles alongside the tracks. These signal bridges, I thought, always added a nice touch of framing when photograph trains along this line.
May 26, 2005. Wyaconda, Missouri.

Eastbound Through The Curve

BNSF 4370 leads a stack train east through a curve on BNSF's Marceline Subdivision. The Marceline Subdivision runs between Kansas City, Missouri and Fort Madison, Iowa. This train would eventually make its way to an inter-modal facility in the Chicago, Illinois area.
Photo taken: May 26, 2005, at Ethel, Missouri.

A Trio of Locomotives at Carrollton, MO

May 27, 2005.

At mile post 385 on BNSF's Marceline Subdivision, BNSF 7729 (the lead unit) and two other locomotives lead a stack train west toward a trio of road bridges. The nearest bridge is the US 24 bridge, the next one is the US 65 bridge, and the third one is the Mason Street overpass. There is even a fourth bridge in the distance that carries the Marceline Subdivision over Wakenda Creek.

All images/photographs are copyrighted © by Tom Gatermann. All rights reserved.