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Swing Span Control Booth In The Distance

Years ago while traveling to the Quad Cities area to photograph Iowa Interstate Railway's QJ steam locomotives, my family and I came across the Keokuk and Hamilton Bridge, at Keokuk, Iowa. Originally, the bridge had both a railroad deck and a road deck. However, these days only the railroad deck is still used. Part of the old road deck has been converted to a pedestrian path, but ends at the swing span, which is open in this image to allow river boat traffic to pass. This image's view is looking eastward at the swing span and its control booth, from the Keokuk, Iowa side.I've posted other photographs of this bridge taken at the same time.

You can see a few other images that I have taken of the bridge at this link.
October 17, 2008. Keokuk, Iowa.

Crowded at Birmingham Junction

BNSF 9833 works as a DPU on an east bound coal train, while a Norfolk Southern train and another BNSF train wait their turn to roll through Birmingham Junction.  The BNSF's Brookfield Subdivision and the Norfolk Southern's Kansas City District share tracks between North Kansas City, Missouri and Birmingham, Missouri.
Way back when I took this image, Birmingham Junction was easily accessible. The last time I was there around 2013 or 2014, the access road, from which I took this image, was closed off and no trespassing signs were posted.

This image was captured on Kodak 400 Royal Gold film and scanned on a Nikon Coolscan film scanner. The resulting scan was saved as a Nikon NEF RAW file, which was then post processed in Adobe Camera RAW and Adobe Photoshop.
Photo taken: Spring 2001. Birmingham, Missouri.

CSXT 5110 Northbound At Hendersonville, TN

CSXT 5110 and CSXT 408 are leading a train under the TN 386 overpass, along Nashville Pike in Hendersonville, TN. The train is traveling north on CSX's Main Line Subdivision, which runs between Nashville, TN. and Louisville, KY. 
Photo taken on: August 21, 2019.

Cedar Rapids at Birmingham Junction

The Milwaukee Road Skytop lounge car, Cedar Rapids, brings up the end of Milwaukee Road 261's excursion train at Birmingham Junction. The train was returning to Minneapolis, Minnesota from Kansas City, Missouri.

Photo taken: September 26, 2005. Birmingham, Missouri.

TRRA 1239 Switching at Brooklyn, IL.

Terminal Railroad Association (TRRA) 1239 is on the point of a train switching on the south side of TRRA's Madison Yard. Trains that are switching on the south side of the yard will often pull down toward the crossing at Canal Street/Bend Road (where this shot was taken from) and then make a back up move into the yard. TRRA 1239 is an EMD built SW1200 series locomotive that was built in April of 1965, according to RR Picture Archives (an external link, which will open in a new browser window).

Behind the locomotives are three old Manufacture's Railway (MRS) boxcars. The MRS was a small local St. Louis railroad that was originally owned by Anheuser-Busch, before InBev sold the railroad off after purchasing A.B.
Photo taken: February 26, 2006. Brooklyn, Illinois.

Sheffield Tower

The now unused Sheffield Interlocking Tower sits beside the Kansas City Terminal's Sheffield Flyover. Sheffield Tower was operated by the KCT but has stood unused for many years. The Sheffield flyover was built to help facilitate the movement of trains through the area, since there are multiple railroad lines that intersected with each other at ground level. The flyover carries trains over multiple Union Pacific, and Kansas City Southern lines.
Photo taken: September 26, 2005. Kansas City, Missouri.

A Rainbow at Mount Evans

While driving down from the summit of Mount Evans, a rainbow developed as rain was falling in the distance.

Photo taken: September 2, 2013.

Over Route 3

TRRA 1517, TRRA 1503, and TRRA 1510 are on the point of a train making a switching move, on the eastern approach to the Merchants Bridge over IL Route 3. The train was performing switching operations at TRRA's Madison Yard, which is about a half a mile east of this location. The train stopped over Route 3, and then made a back up move toward the yard. The Merchants Bridge crosses over the Mississippi River between Venice, IL. and St. Louis, MO.
Photo taken: February 26, 2006. Venice, Illinois.

Steeples at Old Town Square

Seen here are the steeples of The Church of Our Lady Before Týn, standing tall above Old Town Square.

Photo taken: April 30, 2015. Prague, Czechia.

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