Through the Signal Bridge

A Union Pacific double-stack train passes under one of the old Santa Fe style signal bridges along BNSF's Marceline Subdivision. Today, I believe that all of these old signal bridges are now gone, having been replaced with newer tri-color modular block signals that sit atop signal poles alongside the tracks. These signal bridges, I thought, always added a nice touch of framing when photograph trains along this line.

May 26, 2005. Wyaconda, Missouri.


  1. You caught the colorful fun for sure!

  2. Thanks Ann Kennedy. Those containers do add a lot of nice color to the image.

  3. Looks like it just squeezed under the signals. As per Ann, nice and colourful

  4. Thanks, Jim Robertson. It does look like a tight fit, but there was plenty of room to spare! Unfortunately, these old Santa Fe style signal bridges on this line are all gone. The signal bridges always made for some nice framing.

  5. Very colorful capture with those containers. :-)

  6. Thank you, Shelly Gunderson! I think if it wasn't for the colors of the containers, this image would be rather boring.

  7. Not as tight of a squeeze as it looks, christopher coleman. The compression from the telephoto lens makes it look more compact than it really was.

  8. What a brilliant capture, Tom! Glad you got everything imported like you wanted.

    1. Thanks a lot, ᙅYᙖᙓᖇ ᗪOᙅ! I'm glad to have found a way to successfully archived my years of posts on G+.


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