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MBTA Orange Line Train Leaving Community College Station

MBTA Orange Line train - Boston, MA The tail end of a MBTA Orange Line train is seen departing Community College station, heading outbound toward Oak Grove. Photograph taken: June 2, 2017. Boston, Massachusetts.

UP 5411 - Autorack Train - Jefferson City Subdivision

UP 5411 - Knox Avenue - St. Louis, MO Union Pacific 5411 sits on the point of an eastbound autorack train at Knox Avenue that is waiting for clearance to proceed east on Union Pacific's Jefferson City Subdivision, toward Grand Interlocking . The train had just gotten the signal to proceed east toward the interlocking. From Grand Interlocking the train would continue on to Gratiot Interlocking, and then across the MacArthur Bridge from Missouri to Illinois. If my memory serves me right, I believe this train was destined for Alton & Southern's Gateway Yard in East St. Louis, Illinois. Photo taken: February 26, 2006. St. Louis, Missouri.

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