Rock Island Bridge

ICE 4204 at Davenport

IAIS 7081 Along West 5th Street

Blistering Sky

Shiloh Limited at Waverly

KCS 2, KCS 3, and KCS 1 at Godfrey

TRRA 2005 and TRRA 2008, From Up Above

BNSF 5829 at Biddle Street

BNSF 6112 Southbound on the Highline

KCS 2, KCS 3, and KCS 1 at Delhi

UP 1996 At Benton

UPY 1342 at Ste. Genevieve

Southbound at Modoc Ferry Road

Almost Gone on 2nd Street

North Toronto Railway Station

Eastbound at Kingshighway

Looking Up at IT 1604

Amtrak's Dome Car, Southbound at Brighton

Rolling East

UP 1996 at Mount Vernon

Pana Railroad Tower

UP 7137 & UP 6770 Northbound at 1st Street

Still Standing


A Hole in the Wall

Just Sitting Around

BNSF 8862 Working as the DPU

Looking Through

Unless noted, all images are © by Tom Gatermann.