UP 6071 at Winter Park

Union Pacific 6071 leads a loaded coal train east on UP's Moffat Subdivision, near Timberhouse Road in Winter Park, CO. This heavy coal train could be heard climbing the grade for miles, as it made its way toward the Moffat Tunnel, from the west. At this point, the train was about half a mile away from the west portal of the tunnel.

Photo taken: August 25, 2005. Winter Park, Colorado.

UP 7347 and UP 7374 And The KC Skyline

With downtown Kansas City in the background, Union Pacific 7347 and Union Pacific 7374 lead a westbound manifest freight train onto the east approach of the KCT's Highline Bridge. The train will momentarily be crossing over BN Crossing, then Santa Fe Junction, and finally will cross over the Kansas River.
Photo taken: August 27, 2005. Kansas City, Missouri.

End Of The Line At Pikes Peak

Looking down from the end of the line, of the Manitou and Pikes Peak Railway, at the summit of Pikes Peak. Pikes Peak is a mountain located in the southern Front Range of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. The mountain is a "fourteener," the nickname given to mountains over 14,000 feet in height.

Photo taken: August 26, 2005. Pikes Peak, Cascade, Colorado.

UP 7162 at BB Road

In the late afternoon light, Union Pacific 7162 is leading a loaded coal train south on UP's Chester Subdivision. The train has just left Dupo Yard to the north, and it is nearing the BB Road crossing. 
The original image was a 35mm transparency that was converted to digital using a copy slide setup.

Photo taken: Circa 2000. Columbia, Illinois.

UP 2979 at Milepost 10

Union Pacific 2979 (an EMD SD40-2) and an unknown Norfolk Southern unit lead a trailer train south at mile post 10 on Union Pacific's Chester Subdivision.In the background, the train i spassing under Interstate 255. The train would have continued on the Chester Subdivision down into Southern Illinois, where it would have crossed over the Mississippi River into Missouri, at Thebes, IL. From there it would then traveled south into Arkansas, and most likely on toward Texas. Though, it could also have headed toward the Memphis, Tennessee area.
The image was scanned from a Kodak Ektachrome slide on a Nikon Coolscan 9000 ED film scanner. The file was scanned as a Nikon NEF (RAW) file, and then post processing was done in Adobe Camera RAW and Photoshop.
Photo taken: May 1997. Columbia, Illinois.

CSX 7371 at CP Courtland

Back in the winter of 2016, I caught CSX 7371 sitting on the point of a manifest freight train, just to the north of the Courtland crossovers on CSX's Henderson Subdivision. The train was stopped here, while it waited for a couple of other trains to pass it on their way to and from Nashville, Tennessee area.
Photo taken: January 25, 2016. Springfield, Tennessee.

Looking Down the KC Metro Subdivision

The view in this image is looking toward the southwest, down Union Pacific's K.C. Metro Subdivision from the old Santa Fe Avenue crossing in the West Bottoms area of Kansas City. The nearest railroad crossing in the photo is Mulberry Street, and the furthest crossing is Hickory Street. In the far distance are two railroad bridges that cross over the Kansas River. The road bridge is the James Street bridge, and it is where the Kansas-Missouri state border intersects the rail line.
Photo taken: November 9, 2007. Kansas City, Missouri.

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