CSXT 7210 leading I004 at CP 286 in East Syracuse, NY.

I004 is eastbound, rolling under the eastward signal bridge at CP 286.   CSXT 7210 is leading intermodal train I004-24 (Bedford Park, Illinois, to South Kearny, New Jersey) through Control Point (CP) 286 on CSX's Syracuse Terminal Subdivision. The train is passing under the eastbound absolute signals which control tracks 7, 2, 1, and 8 (left to right). To the left of the train is the east end of Track 7.  Photograph taken on November 25, 2022, at East Syracuse, New York.

CSXT 3414 leading I017-17 at Syracuse, NY.

  With CP 291's eastbound signal bridge in the distance, I017 hustles west at Syracuse, NY.   From the New York Empire Trail bridge on the southwestern corner of Onondaga Lake I caught CSX intermodal train I017-17 (Worcester, MA., to Bedford Park, IL.). I017 is westbound on Track 1 and is passing through CP 291 (in the distance) of the Syracuse Terminal Subdivision. Here, the Syracuse Terminal Subdivision follows the southern end of Onondaga Lake between Interstate 81, to the east, and Interstate 690, to the west. Photograph taken on November 17, 2022, at Syracuse, New York.

Bald eagle eating a fish on Murphy's Island at Syracuse, NY

  A bald eagle is on the lookout while eating a fish at Murphy's Island.   Murphy's Island at Syracuse, New York, has become a winter-feeding ground for bald eagles in recent years. The Island is on the southeastern corner of Onondaga Lake and this part of the lake doesn't freeze over in the winter because of a nearby wastewater treatment plant. Due to the lake not freezing over by Murphy's Island bald eagles, as well as other birds, can fish the lake's waters. The bald eagle tears at the fish's remains while perched in the tree at Murphy's Island.   Murphy's Island is not an actual island. At least not that I can tell from satellite imagery of it. The "island" is surrounded by Onondaga Lake, Onondaga Creek, another creek (name is unknown), and CSX's railroad tracks . The island sits across the tracks from Destiny USA Mall. Murphy's Island can be accessed by a newly opened trail extension to the Onondaga Creekwalk trail.  While still in

CSXT 3150 leading M620-15 north at Clay, New York

  CSXT 3150 and CSXT 944 lead manifest train M620-15 north at Henry Clay Road in Clay, NY.   CSXT  3150 and CSXT 944 lead manifest train M620-15 (Selkirk, New York, to Massena, New York) through the Morgan Road railroad crossing in Clay, New York. The train is northbound on CSX's St. Lawrence Subdivision . Much of the train's cargo is destined to be interchanged with Canadian National near Massena, which is near the US-Canada border. Photograph taken on November 16, 2022, at Clay, New York.

CSXT 4001 leading S990 on the Syracuse Terminal Subdivision

  S990-06 is westbound, passing by Murphy's Island along Onondaga Lake, just to the west of CP 291.   S990 is a special high-and-wide movement from General Electric at Schenectady, New York that is destined to the Smithboro, Illinois, (on the BNSF). This dimensionally-restricted train slowly made its way from Syracuse, New York, to Rochester, New York. Due to the size of the turbine S990 is carrying the train often has to stop and wait at places that allow other trains to safely pass. The train is also restricted to traveling at much slower speeds than a standard train.  S990 is crossing westbound over Onondaga Creek on the southern eastern edge of Onondaga Lake.   S990's consists is locomotive CSXT 4001, flatcar KRL 70863, depressed-center flat car KRL 204043, flat car KRL 600471, and caboose KRL 080. The railcars are owned by Kasgro Rail Corporation. KRL 204043's cargo is a GE Turbine destined for Smithboro, IL. Photographs taken on November 7, 2022.

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