CSX train I162, led by CSXT 7233, on the Rochester Subdivision

With a bit of snow still on the ground, from a light snow fall the day before, I headed out to Warners, New York, to catch intermodal train I162-02 coming by the old New York Central (NYC) 298 milepost.  Train I162-02, led by CSXT 7233, is east bound on Track 2 at MP QC298. The old NYC milepost is just to the west of Pottery Road and sits on the south side of the tracks. These old mileposts count the distance from Grand Central Terminal, which was built by the NYC, in New York City. There are many of these old mileposts (see the fifth photo linked post) still standing along the Rochester Subdivision, which was part of NYC's old Water Level Route through New York.  I162-02 starts to lean into the curve, west of Pottery Road. I162 is a daily intermodal train that runs from North Baltimore, Ohio, to Port Newark, New Jersey. I162 works Collinwood Yard at Cleveland, Ohio, Frontier Yard at Buffalo, New York, and DeWitt Yard at Syracuse, New York. Photograph taken on January 3, 2022, to

Snow falling against a forest at Syracuse, NY.

 Earlier this month the area got some lake effect snow, off of Lake Ontario to the north of us. The snow came down fast, and by the time it stopped there was four to five inches of snow on the ground. This photograph was taken at early, during the first wave of snow fall, and was the view from my kitchen window. When the first wave of snow fall slowed, I headed out to catch Amtrak's Lake Shore Limited in the snow . By the time I got to the location where I photographed it, the snow had picked up again. Photograph taken on January 7, 2022, at Syracuse, New York.

CSX trains K685 and K686 passing at Warners, NY.

While out and about today, I heard a CSX "K" train call out over the radio feed. A  "K" train  on CSX is a bulk commodity train, such as a  tank car  train carrying oil or ethanol. When the crew called out for a clear signal, they called out BNSF 5192 as the train's leader. Foreign power (another railroad's locomotive) is fairly rare these days on the CSX Rochester Subdivision due to CSX trying to limit foreign power on the railroad, so I decided to try and catch it. BNSF 5192 leading CSX train K636-12 The youngest and I headed over to Warners, New York, and wound up getting to the Herman Road crossing just as the headlight of BNSF 5192 was just beyond the bridge in the background. Within a few minutes, K636-12 rolled east on Track 2 of the Rochester Subdivision. This stretch of track is between milepost (MP) QC299 and MP QC300. K636 is a loaded ethanol train that runs from Bensenville, Illinois, to Linden, New Jersey. The train is handed off to CSX from Ca

The Lake Shore Limited in Lake Effect Snow at Memphis, NY.

 Today the Syracuse, New York, area got hit with a lake effect snowstorm. After the first wave of snow seemed to be over, I thought that the Lake Shore Limited (LSL) would look great kicking up the snow on the ground. I decided to head over toward Warners and Memphis, New York, to try and catch LSL on the Rochester Subdivision. I wound up at Memphis, New York , about fifteen minutes before the LSL arrived. AMTK 112 and the Lake Shore Limited kick up snow at Memphis, NY. I heard the defect detector (DD) at milepost (MP) QC 313.7 go off, and about seven to eight minutes later the LSL, led by AMTK 112 and AMTK 172 came roaring through Memphis kicking up a cloud of freshly fallen snow.  After arriving forty minutes late into Rochester, New York, the LSL was trying its best to make up time.  The Lake Shore Limited rolls over the defect detector at Memphis, NY. Within a few seconds the LSL had passed over the DD at Memphis (MP QC 302.6) and was rolling on toward its next stop at Syracuse, N

CSXT 833 leading I017 at CP280 of the Syracuse Terminal Subdivision

Early on December 22, 2021, the Syracuse, New York, area had snow flurries falling, heavily at times. There wasn't much snow accumulating on the ground, but there were enough flurries falling that I thought they would make for an interesting photograph with a train. I017 at CP280 My youngest and I went to Kirksville, New York, and as I drove east on Saintsville Road I saw the headlight of priority intermodal train I017-22. The train was to the east of the Kirksville Road North crossing, which is a half of a mile east of Control Point (CP) 280 . I parked along Saintsville Road to the west of CP280, located at milepost QC280.5, and took my photograph. I017, with CSXT 833 and CSXT 473, rolls east on Track 2 at CP280. Train I017 runs daily from Worcester, Massachusetts, to Bedford Park, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. With CSXT 833 and CSXT 473 leading, plus mid-train distributed power unit (DPU) CSXT 3130,  I017  wasn't losing any time as it rolled west on Track 2 of the STS. CSXT

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