AMTK 115 and AMTK 57 lead the Lake Shore Limited at East Syracuse, NY.

P048-08 is eastbound at CP285 of the Syracuse Terminal Subdivision. AMTK 115 (GE P42DC) and AMTK 57 (GE P42DC) are the lead locomotives on today's Lake Shore Limited , train symbol P048-08. Above, the Lake Shore Limited is eastbound on Track 1 of CSX's Syracuse Terminal Subdivision. The train is passing the westbound absolute signals of Control Point (CP) 285 , next to DeWitt Yard. Photograph taken on August 8, 2022, at East Syracuse, New York.

Cloud reflections in a flooded field at Savannah, NY.

A flooded field along the Seneca River reflects the sky above at Savannah, NY. Back in March 2022, I was at Savannah, New York, photographing trains on CSX's Rochester Subdivision . This field, which sits along the western side of the Seneca River , was flooded by the river. The clouds were moving in from the west as another round of storms were coming. Photograph taken on March 19, 2022, at Savannah, New York.

CSX Intermodal train I001-02 westbound at DeWitt Yard

CSXT 5304 leads I001-02 west on the Syracuse Terminal Subdivision at DeWitt Yard. The once-a-week intermodal train I001 came through East Syracuse on Tuesday, morning, led by CSXT 5304 and CSXT 824. I caught the train as it neared CP285 , passing by DeWitt Yard. I001-02 rolled west, passing M627-30, which was parked without a crew on the signaled siding. Next to M627-30 is intermodal train I009-01 on the Departure Yard Lead. Photograph taken on August 2, 2022, at East Syracuse, New York.

CSXT 872 leading M364 at CP 285 on the Syracuse Terminal Subdivision

CSXT 872, leading M364-06, splits the eastward absolute signals of CP285.  CSXT 872 is leading manifest train M364-06 through CP 285 , which sits on the western edge of DeWitt Yard in East Syracuse, New York. M364-06 is eastbound on Track 2 of the Syracuse Terminal Subdivision. The train runs daily between Avon, Indiana, and Selkirk, New York. Photograph taken on May 7, 2022.

I115 waiting for CSXT 6538 to switch intermodal cars at DeWitt Yard

CSXT 6538 pulls east down the Departure/Outbound Lead, nearing CP282. At the " Green Bridge " in Minoa, New York, CSXT 6538 is switching intermodal cars at DeWitt Yard on the Departure/Outbound Lead . The cars are being switched in the Departure Yard to the west of the Green Bridge. I115, with CSXT 3056, is stopped on Track 1 just east of CP282. Left, a train switches on Track 4. Right, the end of M364-26 rolls east on Track 2. While, CSXT 6538 switched the block of intermodal cars, intermodal train I115  (Worchester, MA., to Syracuse, NY.) arrived and stopped on the east side of CP 282. I115 had to wait for the switching operation to clear before entering DeWitt Yard via CP282. CSXT 6538 begins shoving its cut of cars down the Departure/Outbound Lead. Photographs taken on July 27, 2022, at Minoa, New York.

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