CSX military train S609-07 westbound at Weedsport (Centerport), NY

S609-07 is westbound passing under Oakland Rd. bridge on the western side of Weedsport, NY.       CSXT 5102 and CSXT 3032 are leading CSX train S609-07. S609 is a special movement carrying military equipment from Fort Drum at Fort Drum, New York, to Fort Polk, in Vernon Parish, Louisiana. CSX will move the train to Rose Lake, Illinois, near St. Louis, Missouri, where it will then be handed off to Kansas City Southern (KCS). KCS will take the train the rest of the way to Fort Polk. Fort Drum is home to the US Army's 10th Mountain Division. Fort Polk is home of Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC), as well as the 3rd Brigade Combat Team of the 10th Mountain Division.  The end of S609-07 is seen here, with the train stretching west through the area known as Centerport. Photographs taken on February 7, 2022.

CSX manifest train M364 with CN 3177 at Memphis, NY

CSXT 5312 leads M364 east through a snow-covered landscape at Memphis, NY.   Back on January 23, a fresh blanket of snow covered Central New York. I took the opportunity to head out and capture M364 coming east through Memphis, New York. In addition to the snow-covered landscape, M364 featured Canadian National (CN) 3177 working as a distributed power unit. M364 is a daily manifest train that runs from CSX's Avon Yard in Avon, Indiana, to Selkirk Yard in Selkirk, New York. Avon, Indiana, is on the western edge of Indianapolis, Indiana.  Manifest train M364 is eastbound in this view from above. In the left-lower corner, through the trees, the old tow path of the Erie Canal can be seen.  In this view, CN 3177 is the mid-train distributed power unit on M364-22. Photographs taken on January 23, 2023, at Memphis, New York.

A manifest train, led by CSXT 8410, eastbound at Dolton Junction

  CSXT 8410 is eastbound on the IHB tracks, crossing the diamonds at Dolton Junction.   CSXT 8410 leads a manifest freight east on the Indiana Harbor Belt (IHB) main line at Dolton Junction. The freight train is crossing the north-south UP main line. In the background is the headlight of an IHB locomotive switching on the eastern end of the IHB's Blue Island Yard. In the far background, a train sits on the Canadian National (ex-IC)/Metra electric line.  Photograph taken in 2004, at Dolton, Illinois.

AMTK 108 leading the Lake Shore Limited at Weedsport, NY

  With fresh snowfall, the Lake Shore Limited rounds the curve at Oakland Road.   With a coating of fresh snow on the ground in the Central New York area I caught Amtrak's Lake Shore Limited, led by a trio of locomotives. AMTK 108 , Amtrak's Phase VI 50th Anniversary schemed locomotive was leading the train, followed by AMTK 107, and AMTK 94. Here, the train is eastbound on CSX's Rochester Subdivision, rounding the curve at Oakland Road at Weedsport, New York. This area is referred to as Centerport by the railroad. Centerport was an old port on the Erie Canal that sits between Port Byron, New York, and Weedsport, New York. Photograph taken on January 23, 2023, at Weedsport, NY.

CSX's I009 and M621 at CP 286 of the Syracuse Terminal Subdivision

CSXT 7214 leads I009-18 west on the Inbound Lead at CP 286 of the Syracuse Terminal Subdivision.   Back in October 2022, I009-18 was working DeWitt Yard using the South Runner and when the train was ready to depart it got lined out of the yard via the Inbound Lead to Control Point (CP) 286. The Inbound Lead leads to Track 1 of the Syracuse Terminal Subdivision at CP 286. CP 286, along with CP 285, control movements into and out of the west end of CSX's DeWitt Yard. The end of I009 clears the curve at CP 286, revealing M621 coming slowly east on Track 8.   After I009 had cleared CP 286, the dispatcher lined manifest train M621-18 (Massena, NY., to Selkirk, NY.) off of Track 8 to Track 2 at CP 286. CSXT 3041 led M621 quickly off of Track 8 to Track 1, and then to Track 2 to continue its journey east to Selkirk. CSXT 3041 leads M621-18 east off Track 8 to Track 1 at CP 286. Photographs taken on October 19, 2022, at East Syracuse, New York.

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