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UP 8237 - TRRA Merchants Subdivision - St. Louis, MO

UP 8237 - St. Louis, MO Union Pacific 8237 leads an empty coal drag south on the TRRA Merchants Subdivision , along first street in the old warehouse district north of the downtown river front. UP 8237 and its train would continue south from here passing under the Gateway Arch grounds, and then would turn and head west through Gratiot Interlocking. At Gratiot Interlocking, the train would either get onto the Union Pacific Jefferson City Subdivision , or continue west on the Merchants Subdivision to Grand Interlocking, where the train would then get onto the UP Jefferson City Subdivision. On the right of the photograph you can see a portion of the old Cotton Belt freight depot , which has been unused and abandoned for decades. Photograph taken: June 26, 2005, at St. Louis, Missouri.

UP 6445 - UP 6589 - Rolling Meet - Jefferson City Subdivision

UP 6445, UP 6565 meet UP 6589 - St. Louis, MO Union Pacific  6445 and Union Pacific 6565 roll east on the Jefferson City Subdivision at Chouteau Avenue , as Union Pacific 6589 leads an empty coal train west. This location is about half a mile west from Grand Interlocking. Photograph taken: June 26, 2005, at St. Louis, Missouri.

UP 4856 - UP 7353 - Jefferson City Subdivision - St. Louis

UP 4856 and UP 7353 - St. Louis, MO With the Gateway Arch and part of downtown St. Louis in the background, Union Pacific 4856 and Union Pacific 7353 lead a train westbound at 21st Street on Union Pacific's Jefferson City Subdivision.  The train has just passed through Gratiot Interlocking, after having crossed over the Mississippi River on the MacArthur Bridge, and is heading toward Grand Interlocking . From here the train will travel across Missouri to the Kansas City area. UP 4856 is leading the train past Union Pacific's 12th Street Yard , which is sandwhiched between the Jefferson City Subdivision (on the south side) and TRRA's Merchants Subdivison (on the north side).   The building in the background, with the arch behind it, was an old warehouse that was painted to look like it had sculptures and stone work on it. It is currently a Sheraton Hotel. Photograph taken: April 15, 2005. St. Louis, Missouri.

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