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CSXT 3330 leads I009 west at Weedsport, NY

  CSXT 3330 reflects in a pool of water with chunks of ice along the tracks at Weedsport, NY.   CSXT 3330 is leading intermodal train I009-17 west under the Oakland Road bridge at Weedsport, New York. Train I009 runs daily from Port Newark, New Jersey, to Bedford Park, Illinois. Bedford Park is a suburb of Chicago, Illinois . Days before, the surface of the pool of water was frozen solid. Most likely a railroad utility truck drove through and broke the ice up.  Photograph taken on January 18, 2023, at Weedsport, New York.

CSXT 4014 switching intermodal cars at DeWitt Yard

  CSXT 4014, an SD40-3 rebuild, is switching a block of intermodal cars at a snow covered DeWitt Yard.   Back in January of this year, CSXT 4014 was switching blocks of intermodal cars at CSX's DeWitt Yard. CSXT 4014 is pulling a cut of cars west down the Departure Yard Lead from the Departure Yard. The Departure Yard sits east of the I-481 bridge in the background. Almost all of the intermodal trains that pass through DeWitt swap blocks of intermodal cars there. In addition, the yard itself is designated as an inland port and trailers and containers are dropped off and picked up there by customers. Below, I009-26 , one of the intermodal trains that works DeWitt Yard daily, is departing DeWitt Yard via the South Runner . I009 runs from Port Newark, New Jersey, to Bedford Park, Illinois, in the Chicago area. With fresh snow on the ground at DeWitt Yard, CSXT 4014 is pacing I009-26 west at DeWitt Yard.  Photographs taken on January 27, 2023, at East Syracuse, New York.

CSXT 954 leads X368 east on the Rochester Subdivision at Weedsport, NY

X368-11 comes around the curve along Oakland Rd. at Weedsport, NY.    At Weedsport, New York, in the area called Centerport by the railroad, CSXT 954 is leading X368-11 east on the Rochester Subdivision. In the background, just beyond the curve, X368 is passing through the Centerport defect detector (DD) (milepost (MP) QC 313.7) and Control Point (CP) 313  (MP QC 314.0). X368 is an extra M368 that originated at Chicago, IL., and is destined for CSX's Selkirk Yard at Selkirk, NY. Photograph taken on March 11, 2023, at Weedsport, New York. 

CSXT 3121 and CP 8770 lead M364 at DeWitt Yard

  M364-17 is eastbound passing the block signals at CP-285 on the west end of DeWitt Yard.   Led by CSXT 3121 and Canadian Pacific (CP) 8770, M364-17 is eastbound on the Syracuse Terminal Subdivision at Control Point (CP) 285 . CP 8770 is an unpatched Canadian Pacific Kansas City (CPKC) Railway locomotive. CP-285 is on the west end of CSX's DeWitt Yard. M364 is a daily manifest train from Avon, Indiana (near Indianapolis), to Selkirk, New York.  Photograph taken on May 18, 2023, at East Syracuse, New York. 

CSXT 6466 and CSXT 6143 eastbound at CP-286 at East Syracuse, NY

  L024-09 is eastbound at CP 286, passing under Burnet Ave. at East Syracuse, NY.   L024-09 is returning from picking up cars from the pocket track at Belle Isle that the New York, Susquehanna & Western Railway (NYSW) set out. In addition to the interchange cars from the NYSW, L024 also has two cars of scrap metal picked up from Metalico, a scrap dealer in East Syracuse, New York. L024-09 is heading east on the North Runner track at CP 286 and is heading into DeWitt Yard. Photograph taken on May 9, 2023, at East Syracuse, NY.

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