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SP Caboose 4652 - Jefferson City Subdivision - St. Louis, MO

SP 4652 - St. Louis, MO Southern Pacific 4652, a bay window caboose, brings up the tail end of a Union Pacific local on the Jefferson City Subdivision back in 2005. This caboose is still roaming the rails on Union Pacific locals in the St. Louis area. Though it doesn't look as good today as it did in 2005. This photograph was taken just to the east of Grand Interlocking between Grand Avenue and Compton Avenue. Photograph taken: March 17, 2005, at St. Louis, Missouri.

BNSF 5007 - TRRA High Line Bridge - Merchants Subdivision

BNSF 5007 - St. Louis, MO BNSF 5007 leads a freight train south on the TRRA's Merchants Subdivision's riverfront high line bridge. The train had come off of the BNSF's Hannibal Subdivision north of here at North Market Interlocking, which is between North Market Street and Branch Street. High Line Bridge The TRRA's high line bridge stretches above the riverfront at Laclede's Landing for approximately 1900 feet, between Carr Street on the north end and Washington Avenue on the south end. At the south end of the bridge, the Merchants Subdivision enters one of three short tunnels that carry the line under the Gateway Arch grounds. The current single-track bridge was built to replace a double-track bridge back in the 1990s. BNSF trains on the Merchants Subdivision Southbound BNSF trains come off the BNSF's Hannibal Subdivision and onto the TRRA's Merchants Subdivision at North Market Interlocking in North St. Louis. From North Market BNSF trai

UP 9344 - Work Train - Jefferson City Subdivision - St. Louis

UP 9344 - St. Louis, MO A work train lead by Union Pacific 9344 rolls west on the Union Pacific Jefferson City Subdivision at South Kingshighway Boulevard. The train will soon be traveling along side Manchester Avenue , once it passes under Kingshighway Boulevard. Photograph taken: March 17, 2005. St. Louis, Missouri.

Crumbling Boxcar - National Museum of Transportation

Crumbling boxcar - Kirkwood, MO An old wooden boxcar that has seen better days sits crumbling away at the Museum of Transportation in Kirkwood, Missouri. At the time of this photograph is 2005, this boxcar was tucked away in the back shed, near the eastern portal of West Barrett's Tunnel. Photograph taken: March 6, 2005, at Kirkwood, Missouri.

Frisco 1522 - Front coupler - Museum of Transportation

Frisco 1522 - Coupler - Kirkwood, MO The front couple of Frisco 1522, which is on display at the National Museum of Transportation in Kirkwood, Missouri. Photograph taken: March 6, 2005, at Kirkwood, Missouri.

Steam Locomotive Stay Bolts - Museum Of Transportation

Stay bolts These are stay bolts on a steam locomotive on display at The National Museum of Transportation in Kirkwood, Missouri. Stay bolts are used to reinforce the inner and outer flat metal sheets of the locomotive's boiler. Without stay bolts, due to the high amount of pressure inside the boiler, the flat sheets would loose their flatness, which could then lead to the boiler walls failing in a bad way. Photograph taken: Kirkwood, Missouri. March 6, 2005.

Monochrome Tracks - Jefferson City Subdivision - St. Louis

UP Jefferson City Subdivision - St. Louis, MO This view is looking west from 23rd Street toward the Jefferson Avenue Bridge down the Union Pacific's Jefferson City Subdivision . In this view track one is the center track, track two left hand track, and the far right track is the lead from Ohio Street into the UP's 23rd Street Yard. Photograph taken: February 11, 2005, at St. Louis, Missouri.

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