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Seaboard System 3236 - UP Sedalia Subdivision - Maplewood MO

SBD 3236 - Maplewood, MO Here we see Seaboard System (SBD) 3236 leading a freight west on the Union Pacific's Sedalia Subdivision through Maplewood, Missouri. The train is passing through Control Point (CP) D007 , which is just beyond the small bridge the train is crossing over under the engines. CP D007 is at milepost 6.9 on the subdivision. Sedalia and Jefferson City Subdivisions Today, the portion of the Sedalia Subdivision between St. Louis, Missouri, and Jefferson City, Missouri, has been renamed to the Jefferson City Subdivision. At the time this photograph was taken, the Sedalia Subdivision crossed the State of Missouri, between St. Louis and Kansas City. Now, only the portion of the line between Jefferson City and Kansas City is still named the Sedalia Subdivision. As of October 1995, this portion of the line was still named the Sedalia Subdivision, according to Union Pacific Timetable No. 2. About the photo This is an older photo I took on black and white nega

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