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KCS 2016 - KC Metro Subdivision - Under The Hannibal Bridge

KCS 2016 - UP KC Metro Subdivision Kansas City Southern 2016 (a GE AC44CW) leads a train of covered hoppers west on Union Pacific's KC Metro Subdivision , as a BNSF freight train rolls across the southern approach to the Hannibal Bridge . In the background is the ASB (Amour-Swift-Burlington) Bridge which is also a railroad bridge. Both the Hannibal Bridge and the ASB Bridge cross over the Missouri River between Kansas City, Missouri, and North Kansas City, Missouri. Both bridges are owned by the BNSF Railway. The ASB Bridge is a lift-span bridge, while the Hannibal Bridge is a swing-span bridge. Photo taken: May 26, 2004. Kansas City, Missouri.

Which Way in Prague - So Many Restaurant Chain Signs

Fast food signs in Prague I saw these signs all over Prague . Every time I saw these signs I chuckled a bit and thought to myself, "I did not come all the way to Prague to eat at an fast food restaurant." Photo taken: April 30, 2015. Prague, Czechia.

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