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Fog, Outside the Front Door

Another foggy morning here in the South. Photo taken on: November 25, 2018.

A String of Ex-BN Greenies At BNSF's Argentine Yard

A string of three ex-Burlington Northern locomotives , BNSF 3114, BNSF 3115, and BNSF 6368, sit in BNSF's Argentine Yard. This view is from the South 42nd Street overpass. This is not the greatest of images, but the likelihood of seeing three green ex-Burlington Northern locomotives together even in 2004, was getting pretty rare. These locomotives are called patched locomotives, meaning that while they retain the paint scheme of the former railroad, they have been re-lettered, and sometimes re-numbered, with the new owning railroads identifying marks.  BNSF's Argentine Yard is a former Santa Fe Railroad yard, located in Kansas City, KS. The yard is along the BNSF Transcon Route between Chicago, IL. and Los Angeles, CA. The approximate length of the main area of the yard is just about 3.5 miles long, calculated by taking a measurement on Google Maps. Photo taken: June 16, 2004. Kansas City, Kansas.

BNSF 4562 and UP 8119 at South Kingshighway Blvd.

May 23, 2006. St. Louis, MO. BNSF 4562 and UP 8119 pass each other near South Kingshighway Blvd. BNSF 4562 is rolling west on BNSF's Hannibal Subdivision, while UP 8119 is working as the DPU on an eastbound coal train on the UP's Jefferson City Subdivision.

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