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CSXT 3115 leading Q621 on the St. Lawrence Subdivision

While driving along Onondaga Lake, I spotted a stopped train sitting on CSX's St. Lawrence Subdivision. After confirming that the train was going to head south, I headed down to Destiny USA Mall, where the St. Lawrence Subdivision ends and joins the Syracuse Terminal Subdivision. Train Q621 at CP291 Below, Q621, with CSXT 3115 on the point, is sitting on the St. Lawrence Subdivision (SLS), just to the north of the wye at CP291. The wye connects the SLS (aka Massena Line) with the Syracuse Terminal Subdivision  (STS). The SLS starts here at CP291, at milepost QM2.0. The milepost for the STS here is milepost 291.67. CSXT 3115 with Q621, waiting just north of CP291 From this vantage point the train is about 1,400 ft. (426 m.) away. This location worked out well because there is a railroad service road that runs mostly straight from my vantage point, helping to prevent any obstacles that might have interfered with the composition.  Below, the train has started to crawl southward, and t

AMTK 108 on the Lake Shore Limited, plus CSXT 3471 leading Q004-14

With rain falling in the Central New York area on Wednesday, my son wanted to go find some trains, so we headed out to see what we could find on CSX's Rochester Subdivision. Initially, we drove west to Memphis, NY. While driving there we heard on the scanner a train going through the defect detector there. The hot box detector at that location reported that the detector was malfunctioning. When we got to the Bennetts Corners Road crossing, which is just to the east of the detector, I spotted a CSX maintenance worker working on it.  AMTK 108 and AMTK 125 leading the Lake Shore Limited I decided to start working our way back east along the line, and when we crossed the bridge over the tracks at Warners, NY., I spotted a headlight in the distance, to the west of town. As we were driving east toward Pottery Road I heard the Memphis defect detector (mile post QC302.6) go off, reporting an axle count of 52. That told me that it was the Lake Shore Limited . We got to the Pottery Road cros

The Waxing Crescent Moon

 Back on August 29th, I caught the Waning Gibbous Moon in the late morning. This weekend, I was able to catch the Waxing Crescent Moon on the evening of Saturday, September 11, 2021. The Waxing Crescent Moon The Waning Gibbous Phase is when the amount of the Moon surface that is visible from Earth shrinks, ranging from 99.9% to 50.1%. The Waxing Crescent Moon is when the visible amount of the Moon's surface starts to grow, after the New Moon. The Waxing Crescent Moon's visible amount of surface ranges from 0.1% to 49.9%. The Waxing Crescent Moon Photograph taken on September 11, 2021 at 19:26 EST, from Syracuse, NY

CSXT 3453 leading Q162-13, plus the Milepost 309 marker

While driving toward Memphis, New York, I heard the track defect detector at Memphis (milepost QC302.6) go off for Amtrak train P284-14. The defect detector reported the train to be traveling 81 MPH, so I  knew there was no chance of catching P284. Q162-13, with CSXT 3453 The first, and only, train I photographed today was train Q162-13, which was sitting just to the west of the Bonta Bridge Road crossing, at Jordan, New York. Q162-13 had CSXT 3453 as the only locomotive on the front of the train. The train did have CSXT 3283 serving as the distributed power unit (DPU) on the rear of the train. CSXT 3453 on the point of Q162-13 Q162-13 had been stopped to the west of CP308 (milepost QC308.7) to allow a number of trains to pass by it on Track 1, before it would cross over to Track 1 from Track 2 to proceed east. I believe Track 2 had a maintenance worker checking something near milepost 297.76 (Pottery Road) further east of here. A tighter shot of CSXT 3453 Q162 is a daily intermodal

Q364-12, led by CSXT 5204, at DeWitt Yard

While passing over the Syracuse Terminal Subdivision near Destiny USA Mall, I saw the tail end of a manifest freight heading east. I decided to head over to DeWitt Yard to see if I could catch it there. I figured the chances were low at catching the train, since it had a big head start on me, but I tried anyway. Q364-12 at DeWitt Yard The train must have slowed to a crawl as it headed east from the Destiny USA Mall area because I managed, without speeding, to get to DeWitt Yard before the train showed up. The train turned out to be Q364-12, a daily manifest freight that travels from Avon, Indiana to Selkirk, New York. Below, the train is passing through CP285, on the western side of  DeWitt Yard .  Q364-12 passes the "Thank You Rail Roader's" sign at DeWitt Yard  Today, Q364 was running with four locomotives in a 4x0x0 configuration, and was hauling 117 cars. Locomotives, CSXT 5204, CSXT 829, CSXT 828, and CSXT 7774 were leading the train.  Photograph taken on September 1

CSXT 778 and CSXT 5365 lead train Q560-07, at Kirkville, NY

After visiting my kids favorite park in Minoa, NY., we decided to drive along Saintsville Road and see if we spotted any indication of a train. As luck would have it, we saw a manifest freight slowly departing DeWitt Yard. Q560-07 We quickly headed down Saintsville Road to Control Point (CP) 280 on the Syracuse Terminal Subdivision (STS). I like to incorporate the road here into my shots if I can, but after arriving at CP280 I began to wonder if the car driving east down the road would obstruct my composition. However, once again, luck was on my side and Q560-07 got to us first, as it rolled by on Track 2 of the STS. CSXT 778 and CSXT 5365 lead train Q560-07 Q560 is a manifest freight train that travels from Cincinnati, OH., to Selkirk, NY. Today, Q560-07 was running with the two locomotives, and sixty-seven freight cars.  Photograph taken on September 8, 2021, at Kirkville, NY.

The Moon's Waning Gibbous Phase, from Central New York

 While standing out on my deck, I noticed the Moon was still high above Central New York, so I grabbed my camera and new telephoto lens to capture a photograph of it.  The Moon from Central New York, during the late morning I had recently picked up a new telephoto lens with a maximum focal length of 600mm, so I wanted to see what kind of detail I could see in the Moon with the lens. The image was taken with a  Canon EOS 6D, and is cropped a bit. I am pretty happy, though, with the level of detail I see in the photograph. Waning Gibbous Phase On this day, the Moon was still in the Waning Gibbous Phase, which occurs after a Full Moon. The last full Moon had occurred on August 22, 2021. The phase lasts for about a week, with the amount of the Moon made visible by the sun decreasing each day. On August 30th, the Moon would enter the Third Quarter Phase. According to, the visible portion of the Moon during the Waning Gibbous Phase decreases from 99.9% to 50.1%. On the day t

AMTK 108 (Phase VI 50th), plus CSXT 35 with CSXT 4005 at Kirkville, NY

 After taking the kids to Lewis Park in Minoa, NY., we decided to head over to Kirkville, NY., to catch Amtrak's Lake Shore Limited, with AMTK 108 leading the train. We got lucky, and also caught a CSX manifest freight leaving DeWitt Yard. Control Point 280 on the Syracuse Terminal Subdivision After finding a nice spot along the Syracuse Terminal Subdivision (STS), along Saintsville Road, at Town Isle Road, and getting attacked by New York's native "bird", the mosquito, we had to move east a bit more.  Looking east toward CP280, while being eaten alive by mosquitos After driving east a short distance, we found another nice place to pull off of the road at CP280 (located at milepost (MP) QC280.39). Thankfully, there were no mosquitos at this spot. CP280 on the Syracuse Terminal Sub., along Saintsville Rd. The STS here has three tracks. Track 2 is closest to the road, then Track 1 in the middle, and Track 4 is the furthest track. Saintsville Road runs along the south s

CSXT 482 leading train Q364-31 at Kirkville, NY

  Q364-31 passing through CP280 CSXT 482 leads train Q364-31 east on Track 1 of the Syracuse Terminal Subdivision. Q364-31 is passing the block signals at CP280 (milepost (MP) QC280.39), along Saintsville Road, and is approaching the North Kirkville Road crossing. Train Q364 is a daily manifest freight train that runs from Avon, Indiana, to Selkirk, New York. Today the train had an axle count of 630, giving it a car count of 153, plus the three locomotives. The train was running with its locomotive power in a 3x0x0 configuration. Q364-31passed through Fairport, NY., very early on the morning of September 1, 2021, at 2:50AM. It spent quite a bit of time in Syracuse before departing today because Fairport is just over an hour away from the Syracuse area. Syracuse Terminal Subdivision The Syracuse Terminal Subdivision (STS) is three main tracks here. The closest track is Track 4, which leads into DeWitt Yard a couple of miles west of this location. The middle track is Track 2. Track 4 be

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