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Milwaukee Road 261 Basking in the Sun

Milwaukee Road 261 basks in the afternoon sun at Kansas City Union Station. The train was on display after have lead a steam excursion into town. You can see some other posts of mine containing images of 261, by clicking on the Milwaukee Road 261 label below.
Photo taken: September 25, 2005. Kansas City, Missouri. Photo © Tom Gatermann


During a spring storm, lighting crackles in the sky just outside of Filley, NE. This view is looking toward town, along highway US 136.

Photo taken: April 29, 2010. Filley, Nebraska. Photo © Tom Gatermann

Passing By

A BNSF train, led by BNSF 4417 and BNSF 801, passes a parked Union Pacific coal train on the TRRA's Merchants Subdivision, near the Compton Avenue overpass. Union Pacific 8024 is the distributed power unit (DPU) on the coal train, which would eventually make it's way eastward from this location. 
Photo taken: June 12, 2007. St. Louis, Missouri. Photo © Tom Gatermann

Jelly Fish in Blue

Jellyfish swimming at the Shedd Aquarium.

Photo taken: December 19, 2009. Chicago, Illinois. Photo © Tom Gatermann

Over The Hump

This BNSF stack train was heading west over the flyover at Santa Fe Junction back in September 2005. I took this photo from the observation deck of the Liberty Memorial.
The Santa Fe Junction area has three distinct levels of railroad tracks. The highest level is the flyover, which now serves as the primary way that BNSF trains get from near Kansas City Union Station (outside of the photograph on the right) to Argentine Yard. The middle level, is the bridge that passes under the flyover, which is the western approach to the Kaw River Bridge. Once this bridge gets to the Kansas River, it becomes a double-deck bridge. You can see the Kaw River Bride in the upper right corner. A pair of tracks on the ground cross over the Kansas River on the lower deck of the bridge. The lowest level is the ground level tracks. Also, on the ground level is BN Crossing, where the BNSF's Fort Scott Subdivision cross the KCT tracks. Much of the trackage at Santa Fe Junction and around it, including the …

BNSF 8016 Passing the Arch

With the Gateway Arch in the background, BNSF 8016 is seen here heading west on the TRRA's Merchants Subdivision. There are actually two railroad bridges here. In the foreground is the Union Pacific's high line to Lesperance Street Yard, and the Merchants Subdivision's bridge right behind the UP bridge. Below them is Interstate 55 and Interstate 70.
Photo taken: October 19, 2007. Saint Louis, Missouri. Photo © Tom Gatermann

Sunset at Dillon

Looking west across Dillon Reservoir at sunset. 
Photo taken: September 3, 2013. Dillon, Colorado. Photo © Tom Gatermann

Tracks in the Snow

BNSF 6385 (still in Burlington Northern green), BNSF 518, BNSF 101 (still in the Warbonnet scheme), & FURX 1161 roll east at Kingshighway Blvd.

February 2, 2008. St. Louis, Missouri. Photo © Tom Gatermann

CityElefant Train Arriving At Praha Hlavní Nádraží

A České Dráhy (Czech Railways) Class 471 passenger train is heading to the Praha hlavní nádraží (Prague main train station). The train is commonly know as CityElefant.

Photo taken: Prague, Czechia. April 30, 2015. Photo © Tom Gatermann

Waiting For Work at Praha HL. N.

Seen here is České dráhy (Czech Railways) number 362 172-9, as the locomotive sits at Praha hl. n. awaiting its next work assignment. This unit is a Škoda Transportation model E69, and from the information I found online it was built in 1990. I captured this image as I departed Prague on a morning train destined for our next stop, Vienna.
Photo taken: Prague, Czechia. May 1, 2015. Photo © Tom Gatermann

Inside the Basilique Notre-Dame de Montréal

Looking toward the alter inside the church, from a balcony near the front entrance. 
Photo taken: July 16, 2013. Montréal, Québec. Photo © Tom Gatermann


A release of steam and water from Union Pacific 844 occurs while the locomotive undergoes maintenance work, after having recently arrived at Kansas City Union Station.
Photo taken: April 4, 2010. Kansas City, Missouri. Photo © Tom Gatermann

On The Number 5

Tram 8742, a Tatra built T6A5 model, is seen here running on the Number Five line at Náměstí Republiky and Na Poříčí.

Photo taken: April 30, 2015. Praha (Prague), Czechia. Photo © Tom Gatermann


Cars roll down US 136 as a spring storm rages across the sky.

April 29, 2010. Filley, Nebraska.
Photo © Tom Gatermann.

BNSF 7704 Leading in the Snow

BNSF 7704 is leading an empty unit train eastbound on the TRRA's Merchants Subdivision, at Jefferson Avenue.

Back in 2008, when this photograph was taken, the Jefferson Avenue overpass was being replaced. You can see one of the new bridge piers to the right of the train. The tracks to the left of the BNSF train, are Union Pacific's Jefferson City Subdivision.

Photo taken: February 2, 2008. St. Louis, Missouri. Photo © Tom Gatermann.

A Dash of Light

Looking west, from Squaw Pass Road (Rt. 103), toward a ridge line between Alpine Peak and Sugarloaf Peak. The image was captured while I was driving down Squaw Pass Road, after I had driven up to the summit of Mount Evans.

Photo taken: September 2, 2013. West of Evergreen, CO., and southwest of Idaho Springs, CO. Photo © Tom Gatermann.


In this view from St. Paul Station MBTA 3881 rolls inbound (away from the camera) down the middle of Commonwealth Avenue, on the Green Line's B Branch.
Photo taken: June 3, 2017. Boston, Massachusetts. Photo © Tom Gatermann

Under A Moon Lit Sky

While out sailing on Lake Michigan, under a cloudy and moon lit sky.
Photo taken: August 13, 2008. Chicago, Illinois. Photo © Tom Gatermann

Lake Granby

Looking out over Lake Granby, toward Rocky Mountain National Park.
Photo taken: September 4, 2013. Granby, Colorado. Photo © Tom Gatermann

Green Line Train Departing Pearl

A DART Green Line train departs the Pearl/Arts District Station. The next stop is the station in Deep Ellum. In the distance is a Red Line train that recently departed the station.

Photo taken: May 2, 2017. Dallas, Texas. Photo © Tom Gatermann

Train Parking

I'm just going to park this photo right here for you to enjoy. Seen here is Nickel Plate 765, at the Rock Island Train Festival. The train was returning back to the rail yard along the Mississippi River front in Rock Island, where the festival was occurring.
Photo taken: July 22, 2011. Rock Island, IL. Photo © Tom Gatermann


Located at Pollard's Collection, this 1968 Beechcraft B-19A has been "crashed" into the ground.

Photo taken: August 12, 2008. Salem, Illinois. Photo © Tom Gatermann.

High Green

After waiting for a new crew, Union Pacific 6510 gets the green signal to proceed south under the old cantilever type signal bridge, on UP's Chester Subdivision at Dupo Yard.

Photo taken: November 2, 2005. Dupo, Illinois. Photo © Tom Gatermann


Looking down theater row on Washington Street, at Ave de Lafayette.
Photo taken: June 2, 2017. Boston, Massachusetts.
Photo © Tom Gatermann.

Arriving at Kärntner Ring

Tram 4323 and tram 1500 arrive at the Kärntner Ring. Oper tram stop. The Vienna State Opera building is out sight, on the other side of the street where the yellow bus is.
Photo taken: May 2, 2015. Vienna, Austria. Photo © Tom Gatermann

Outbound at B.U. West

An outbound Green Line train, running on the B Branch, approaches the Boston University West station. In this area, the B Branch runs down the middle of Commonwealth Avenue.
Photo taken: June 3, 2017. Boston, Massachusetts. Photo © Tom Gatermann

Vienna Tram 4001

Tram 4001, operating on Route 1, makes the turn from Opernring onto Kärntner Straße. In the background is the Vienna State Opera building.

Photo taken: May 1, 2015. Vienna, Austria. Photo © Tom Gatermann.


This view is looking down Hoover Dam, from the walkway at the top. The dam, when built on the Colorado River, formed Lake Mead.
Photo taken: August 18, 2010, at Lake Mead National Recreational Area.

Sailing on Lake Michigan

August 13, 2008. Chicago, Illinois. Photo © Tom Gatermann

Almost Gone

Another day is almost over, as the sun sets at Badlands National Park.
Photo taken: August 21, 2005. Badlands National Park, South Dakota. Photo © Tom Gatermann

All images/photographs are copyrighted © by Tom Gatermann. All rights reserved.