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TRRA 1503 - West Belt Subdivision - St. Louis, MO - 9/23/08

TRRA 1503 - St. Louis, MO TRRA 1503 leads its train under Adelaide Avenue on the TRRA West Belt Subdivision, in North St. Louis, Missouri. This train had made its way from the TRRA's Madison Yard in Illinois, across the Merchants Bridge over the Mississippi River into St. Louis, and then onto the West Belt Subdivision. The train was making its way north to North Belt Junction, at Carrie Avenue. At North Belt Junction the TRRA North Belt Subdivision and the West Belt Subdivision interchange with each other. TRRA 1503 According to RR Pictures Archives, TRRA 1503 was built in 1967, for the Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis. The locomotive is an EMD SW1500 model. Today, the locomotive is owned by GMTX leasing, and is now numbered as GMTX 149. The TRRA, a few years ago, sold off their switcher model locomotives and bought larger locomotives with more horsepower to handle its switching operations. TRRA West Belt Subdivision The West Belt Subdivision runs betwe

BNSF 2368 - ex-Burlington Northern - Marceline Subdivision

BNSF 2368 - Barring, MO BNSF 2368 sits in the siding with a work train, while in the distance BNSF 4110 leads a stack train west on BNSF's Marceline Subdivision. BNSF 2368 is an ex-Burlington Northern locomotive that has been patched, but still retains the BN Cascade green paint scheme . Built in 1972, BNSF 2368 is an EMD GP38-2 model. The locomotive was originally built for the St. Louis-San Francisco Railway, commonly referred to as the Frisco. The Frisco was merged into the Burlington Northern Railway in 1980. Photo taken: May 26, 2005, at Baring, Missouri.

UP 8612 - Ex-Rio Grande 5354 - SD40T-2 - 12th Street Yard

UP 3084, UP 8612, and UP 3068 - 12th Street Yard - St. Louis MO In the first two photographs, above and below, Union Pacific 3084, Union Pacific 8612, and Union Pacific 3068 sit in Union Pacific's 12th Street Yard, located on the southern edge of downtown St. Louis, Missouri. The three locomotives are getting ready to pull a train east out of the yard toward Gratiot Interlocking. In the foreground of the first photograph, a train is heading west on the TRRA Merchants Subdivision . UP 3084, UP 8612, and UP 3068 - 12th Street Yard - St. Louis MO   UP 8612 - 12th Street Yard - St. Louis, MO The third photograph, above, is a closer view of former Denver and Rio Grande Western (DRGW) 5354,  patched as Union Pacific 8612. UP 8612 UP 8612 was built as DRGW 5354 in 1974. The locomotive is an EMD SD40T-2 model. This locomotive model  are commonly referred to as tunnel motors because they were designed to help keep the engine cooler when passing through tunnels

BNSF 4129 - Hannibal Subdivision - St. Louis, MO

BNSF 4129 - St. Louis, MO During a late July evening in 2005, BNSF 4129 comes around the curve on the Hannibal Subdivision at South Kingshighway Blvd. The train has just left BNSF's Lindenwood Yard and is heading east toward Grand Interlocking , where it will get onto TRRA's Merchants Subdivision. Between Grand Interlocking and Lindenwood Yard, the Hannibal Subdivision is double tracked. From Grand Interlocking, the train will use the Merchants Subdivision to get to North Market Interlocking where the train will get back onto the BNSF Hannibal Subdivision. BNSF 4129 is a General Electric built C44-9W. The locomotive was built in 2002, for the Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway, which today is just named the BNSF Railway. Photograph taken: July 13, 2005, at St. Louis, Missouri.

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