Union Pacific 6795 at Jefferson Avenue

Green Light Ahead

Around the Bend

Union Pacific 8183

Passing By

Rolling West Under The Power Lines

Into The Dip

Fallen Flags

Tankers In The Snow

To The Tower

Big Red


Neck and Neck

Alton and Southern 12

Tears Part II

Cold And Silent

The West Barretts Tunnel

Obstructed View

Zero MPH

On The Point

Crew Change

Around the Bend

Ivory Yard


The East Approach

Three, Two, One.

MRS 255 Doing Some Street Running

St. Louis Car Company 102 at Union Station


NS 8835 Under Adelaide Avenue

Bright Red On A Cloudy Day


Union Pacific 6786

Toronto Union Station From Above

Unless noted, all images are © by Tom Gatermann.