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CSXT 2345 and CSXT 6902 at Tennessee Map Plaza

  CSXT 2345 and CSXT 6902 at Tenn. Map Plaza CSX 2345 and CSX 6902 are on the point of a switch job working on the bridge over Tennessee Map Plaza. The plaza is located on the southeastern end of Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park. On the right side, under the bridge is a gift shop and information center. Out of sight on the left, and also under the bridge, are public restrooms for the park and plaza. The plaza features a 200 feet wide map of Tennessee that is made out of granite. You can see the eastern portion of the large map between the bridge and the smaller map in the foreground of the photograph. Nashville Terminal Subdivision The rail line is part of CSX's Nashville Terminal Subdivision . The subdivision runs between Madison, Tennessee, at the northern end, to Brentwood, Tennessee, on it's southern end. The subdivision is mostly double tracked, but has a few short sections of single track. Northeast of this plaza the line goes to single track for the run over the swin

UP 8909 and UP 8125 at Nashville National Cemetery

  A trio of Union Pacific locomotives, led by 8909, lead a grain train through the cemetery. Union Pacific (UP) 8909, UP 8125, and an unknown UP locomotive are on the point of a northbound CSX grain train at Nashville Nation Cemetery. The train is passing under the Walton Lane overpass , which is on the southern edge of the cemetery.  The rail line here is CSX's Nashville Terminal Subdivision, and it runs through the middle of the national cemetery, on a slightly tilted north-south axis. The cemetery is located in the city of Madison, Tennessee, on the northern edge of Nashville. The subdivision connects to CSX's Henderson Subdivision and CSX's Main Line Subdivision a few miles north of the cemetery. Trains to and from the Chicago area use the Henderson Subdivision, while trains heading to or coming from Louisville, Kentucky, and Cincinnati, Ohio use the Main Line subdivision. Photograph taken on April 1, 2016 at Madison, TN.

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