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Tram 8604 (Tatra T6A5) - Lesser Town Prague - Rush Hour

Tram 8604 - Lessertown Prague A woman talks on her cell phone at the back of tram 8604 (a Tatra T6A5 model), as the tram arrives at the tram stop at Klárov and Pod Bruskou in Lesser Town Prague during rush hour. Photograph taken: April 29, 2015, at Prague, Czechia.

Prague Castle at dusk from the Charles Bridge

Prague Castle At Dusk As dusk encroaches on Prague, Prague Castle is lit up with lights showcasing its splendor. In the center of the image, the spires of Saint Vitus Cathedral can be seen reaching up into the sky. In the foreground the Vltava River is seen flowing by. Photograph taken: April 30, 2015, at Prague, Czechia.

Playing Music On The Charles Bridge In Prague

Playing music on the Charles Bridge While some tourists wander the Karlův Most (Charles Bridge), a few tourists stop to listen to a musician who is playing on the bridge. The structure seen through the opening in the Old Bridge Tower is St. Salvator Church, the home of the Roman-Catholic Academic Parish of Prague. April 30, 2015, at Praha (Prague), Czechia.

Catenary Wires - Prague's Main Train Station

Catenary Cables - Prague With all of the tracks leading into and out of Prague's main train station these catenary wires and supports seem to be everywhere above them. A catenary system holds the electrical wires that provide power to the electrified trains. The system is made up of both the wires providing the electrical power, and the supports holding the wires in place. Photo taken on: April 30, 2015, at Prague, Czechia.

Saint John Of Nepomuk's Silver Tomb - St. Vitus Cathedral

Saint John Of Nepomuk's Silver Tomb - St. Vitus Cathedral The silver covered tomb of Saint John of Nepomuk (Czech: Svatý Jan Nepomucký) inside Saint Vitus Cathedral, at Prague Castle. When I took this photograph, I did not realize that the tomb was covered in silver. It was not until after I was back home, and researched the saint that I became aware that his tomb was covered in silver. Photo taken on: April 29, 2015, at Prague, Czechia.

Stone arche way inside Saint Vitus Cathedral - Prague Castle

A view looking up at some of the stone arches and vaulted ceilings inside of Saint Vitus Cathedral , which is located at Prague Castle . Photo taken on: April 29, 2015, at Prague, Czechia.

Battling Titans at the Entrace to Prague Castle

Titans - Prague Castle One of the statues at the entrance to Prague Castle that depicts a pair of battling titans. There are two statues depicting titans battle each other at the entrance, as well as a number of other statues to the left and right of the titan statues. Photo taken on: April 29, 2015, at Prague, Czechia.

SP 8153 - Sedalia Subdivision - Maplewood, MO - April 1995

SP 8153 - Maplewood, MO I dug this photograph out of the old negative files. Here we see Southern Pacific 8153, along with a second Southern Pacific unit, sitting along Greenwood Blvd., at Big Bend Boulevard, in Maplewood, Missouri. The train was waiting for clearance to proceed east on Union Pacific's Sedalia Subdivision . At this time the Sedalia Subdivision ran all the way from Rock Creek Junction in Kansas City, Missouri. to Gratiot Tower (now called Gratiot Interlocking ) in St. Louis, Missouri. Today, the segment of the rail line from Jefferson City, Missouri, to St. Louis has been renamed the Jefferson City Subdivision.  I'm not sure when the name change occurred, but a Union Pacific timetable I have from 1995, still lists this segment of the line as the Sedalia Subdivision. Photo taken: April 1995, at Maplewood, Missouri.

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