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The window view from Railjet Train 73 after leaving Prague

Railjet window view This view is looking out of the window of Car 21 on Railjet train 73 on the route between Prague's main train station (Praha hl. n.) and Vienna's Central Station (Wien Hauptbahnhof). The train at this point is about ten minutes away from Pardubice hl. n. If you have never been to Prague, we both highly recommend a visit. There is so much beautiful architecture to see and history to learn about in Prague. May 1, 2015. Pardubice, Czechia. Photo © Tom Gatermann. All rights reserved.

RegioJet 193 206-0 - Prague's Main Train Station - April 2015

RegioJet 193 206-0 - Prague A RegioJet locomotive, number 193 206-0, leads a passenger train away from Prague's main train station. The locomotive is a Vectron MS type, built by Siemens in 2014.The partially shown building on the far left edge of the photograph is the State Opera (Státní opera) building. The structure to the right of the opera building is a parking garage. Photograph taken: April 30, 2015, at Prague, Czechia.

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