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CSX M364 at CP286 of the Syracuse Terminal Subdivision

  With snow falling, M363-25 is stopped on Track 1 at CP 286 waiting for I009-24 to clear ahead of it.   On January 25th, on what had been, up to that point, a rare snowy day, I caught M363-25 at East Syracuse, NY. Due to priority intermodal train I009 departing as M363 passed by DeWitt yard, it had to stop at Control Point (CP) 286 of the Syracuse Terminal Subdivision. M363 got back underway after I009 had gotten enough of a head start.   Led by CSXT 3057, M363-25 is back on the move, passing under the westbound signal bridge at CP 286. Photographs taken on January 25, 2023, at East Syracuse, New York.

Red-tailed hawk with a fresh catch of squirrel

  This red-tailed hawk stands on the ground and takes break from eating the squirrel it just caught.    Yesterday, I turned a corner in my neighborhood and spotted a red-tailed hawk tearing at and eating a squirrel it had just caught. It was on the ground about eight feet from the road. I quickly stopped a short distance from it and snapped off a few shots before it plucked the squirrel in its claws and flew away to enjoy the catch in private. Photograph taken on March 9, 2023, at Syracuse, New York.

LIRR M7 EMUs on CSX M367 at Syracuse, NY

With three M7 EMUs behind CSXT 255 and CSXT 396, M367-06 passes under the Empire State Trail bridge on the southern end of Onondaga Lake.   On Monday and Wednesday this week, two movements of former Long Island Railroad (LIRR) M7 electric multiple unit (EMU) railcars passed through Syracuse, NY., on CSX manifest train M367 . On Monday, three M7s came through Syracuse on M367-06. Then on Wednesday, another set of three came through on M367-08. The cars had been stripped of most of their components and were just the railcar bodies bound for a scrapper.  M367 on the North Runner with three M7s on the head end passes through CP 286 at East Syracuse, NY.   The M7s were built by Bombardier and were used on both the LIRR and Metro-North Railroad (MNCW). Delivery to the railroads began in 2002. The MNCW's version was known as the M7A. The M7A differed due to the different electrical system the MNCW uses. The M7s were used in pairs and each car contained a set of controls. LIRR 7425, LIRR

CSX I001 at CP 286, passing the NYC coaling towers at East Syracuse, NY.

  I001 passes by the old NYC coaling towers between CP 285 and CP 286, near DeWitt Yard.   With snow on the ground and more still falling, I001-28 (North Bergen, NJ., to Chicago (Bedford Park), IL.) is westbound, passing by the old New York Central steam locomotive coaling towers. The coal towers sit along the Syracuse Terminal Subdivision between Control Point (CP) 285 and CP 286 . To the left is manifest train M560-27 on the North Runner heading east into DeWitt Yard. I001 is led by CSXT 7030 and CSXT 5115.  Photograph taken on February 28, 2023, at East Syracuse, New York.

I017 passing snow-covered fields at Weedsport, NY

  Intermodal train I017-02 is westbound, passing under the Oakland Rd. bridge and by snow-covered fields.   With a few inches of snow still on the ground from the last snowfall I headed to Weedsport, NY, to catch I017 (Worcester, MA., to Chicago (Bedford Park), IL.) as it passed by the snow-covered fields on the west side of town. Here, CSXT 3240, leads I017-02 west on the Rochester Subdivision, under the Oakland Road bridge. I017-02 is about a half of a mile east of CP 313 at Centerport.  Photograph taken on March 2, 2023, at Weedsport, New York.

I162 on the Inbound Lead at DeWitt Yard in East Syracuse, NY.

  With snow falling, CSXT 846 leads I162 by CP 285 and into DeWitt Yard.   Yesterday, another round of snow fell on the Syracuse, New York, area. With snow falling, I162-27 makes its way into DeWitt Yard at Control Point (CP) 285 on the Inbound Lead . The Inbound Lead diverges from Track 1 of the Syracuse Terminal Subdivision at CP 286, a half mile to the west of CP 285, and leads into DeWitt Yard. The Inbound Lead isn't officially part of CP 285. I162 is heading to the South Runner to work the intermodal departure yard. I162 runs daily from North Baltimore, Ohio, to Port Newark, New Jersey.  Photograph taken on February 28, 2023, at East Syracuse, New York.

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