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UP 7261 - Kearny Subdivison - Brady, NE

UP 7261 - Brady, NE Seen here is UP 7261 leading a manifest freight train west on Union Pacific's Kearney Subdivision, past two other trains, as the day begins to fade out. The train is heading toward Union Pacific's Bailey Yard in North Platte, Nebraska, which is about 20 miles further west of this location. At Bailey Yard, the train will either be reclassified into other trains, or it will continue on west from North Platte.  The Kearny Subdivision runs between Grand Island, Nebraska, to North Platte, Nebraska, and it is part of Union Pacific's Overland Route. Between Gibbon, Nebraska, which is about 30 miles west of Grand Island, and North Platte, the line has three main tracks. At Gibbon, the Marysville Subdivision connects with the Kearney Subdivision. Photograph taken: Brady, Nebraska, on August 20, 2005.

BNSF 5613 BNSF 9464 - Ravenna Subdivision - Grand Island NE

BNSF 5613 and BNSF 9464 - Ravenna Subdivision - Grand Island, NE BNSF 5613 and BNSF 9464 are on the point of a coal train that is heading eastbound on the BNSF's Ravenna Subdivision. The train is passing over the Union Pacific's Kearney Subdivision . Just beyond the bridge in the background, on the right side of the Kearney Subdivision, is Union Pacific's yard at Grand Island, Nebraska. This photograph is looking east from Oak Street, which is at milepost  146.59 on the UP Kearney Subdivision. BNSF Ravenna Subdivision The BNSF's Ravenna Subdivision runs between Ravenna, Nebraska, and Lincoln, Nebraska. Milepost 0.0 of the subdivision is on its eastern end, in Lincoln. The western end of the subdivision is at milepost 128.2, at a railroad location known as West Ravenna, on the western side of Ravenna, Nebraska. In Lincoln, the Ravenna Subdivision connects with the BNSF Creston Subdivision, and in Ravenna, the subdivision connects with the BNSF Sand Hills Subdiv

Sunset - UP Kearney Subdivision - Maxwell, NE

Sunset - Kearney Subdivision - Maxwell, NE It's hard to tell but there are actually two Union Pacific trains opposing each other on the center track in this image. It's been so long that I don't remember which train diverged to another track. The train whose headlight you can see in the distance on the center track has recently left Union Pacific's Bailey Yard and is heading east on Union Pacific Kearney Subdivision. Photograph taken: August 20, 2005, at Maxwell, Nebraska.

Looking up at the CN Tower observation deck - Toronto, ON

CN Tower Looking up at the underside of the CN Tower 's observation deck. Photograph taken: July 10, 2014, at Toronto, Ontario.

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