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ČD 362 084-6 at Praha hl.n. (Prague's main train station)

ČD 362 084-6 - Prague's main train station A Czech Railways (České dráhy) train, lead by locomotive ČD 362 084-6, is leaving Prague's main train station. Behind the train two other trains wait to depart the station. This train station is a beehive of activity. One train after another was either arriving or departing while I was there for about an hour. The colorful buildings in the background are along Seifertova, a street on the northern end of the station. Photo taken: April 30, 2015. Prague, Czechia.

CSX 3095 Passes CSX 7371 - CP Courtland - Henderson Subdivision

CSX 3095 and CSX 7371 - Springfield, TN CSX 3095 leads a southbound coal train past CSX 7371, at Control Point Courtland on the CSX Henderson Subdivision. Both trains had been waiting here at Springfield, Tennessee , for clearance to proceed south toward Nashville, Tennessee. January 25, 2016. Springfield, Tennessee. Photo © Tom Gatermann. All rights reserved.

White Crosses at Old Town Square in Prague, Czechia

There are twenty-seven of these white crosses embedded in the paving stones of Old Town Square to commemorate the execution on June 21, 1621, of twenty-seven nobles who took part in an uprising against the Habsburg Monarchy.  Update: Please see the first comment below for more information on the crosses. Photo taken: April 30, 2015. Prague, Czechia.

UP 7881 - Chester Subdivision - Columbia, IL - 2004

UP 7881 - Chester Subdivision - Columbia, IL After having left Union Pacific's (UP) Dupo Yard, to the north of here, UP 7881 and an unknown CSX locomotive lead a manifest freight train south on UP's Chester Subdivision , near BB Road in Columbia, Illinois. In the far distance, another train was also getting ready to head south out of Dupo Yard . The image was originally captured on a 35mm Kodak Ektachrome slide. Photo taken: Winter 2004, at Columbia, Illinois.

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