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CSX S955, the spent nuclear fuel waste special

CSXT 5112 leads S955 west at Auto 311 on the Rochester Subdivision at Weedsport, NY.  Last week CSX ran a special movement that originated at the Portsmouth Navel Shipyard at Portsmouth, NH. The train carried spent nuclear fuel on specially designed railcars with casks. I caught the train as it came through Weedsport, NY on its slow journey west. The railcars, including the caboose, are owned by the Department of Defense (DOD). The reporting mark of the railcars is DDOX. Per its website, Portsmouth Naval Shipyard maintains the Navy's nuclear-powered attack submarine fleet, including Los Angeles and Virginia class submarines.  DDOX railcars with casks carry the spent nuclear fuel on train S955. Photographs taken on February 16, 2024, at Weedsport, NY.

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