CEFX 1553 from High Above

IC 1004 at Irvington, IL

IC 1015 and IC 1018 at Irvington

CN 2409 at Irvington

UP 6062 at Webster Groves

Westbound at Sulphur

Lead In

Up Close with UP 7246

UP 7246 Westbound

Union Pacific 6810 at Maplewood

Illinois Central

Across the Lake, Part II

IC Death Star at Centralia

Across the Lake

BNSF 9981 at Boulder, IL

Shattuc Tower, Part 4

Shattuc Tower, Part 3

Shattuc Tower, Part 2

Shattuc Tower, Part 1

BNSF 9802 at Irvington

BNSF 4146 and BNSF 5640 at Irvington

Northbound Illini at Centralia

Triple Crown RoadRailer Trailers

Busy in the Gulch

RoadRailer at Wabic

Westward at Wabic