BN 5492 at McCook, NE

August 1991.

While not the greatest photograph from a composition or technical standpoint (I took this in high school), the content is something that will likely not be seen anymore on mainline trackage. Here we see a Burlington Northern B30-7 (built by General Electric) as the third unit on a west bound train on the BN's Hasting Subdivision. The first two locomotives are LMX 8598 and LMX 8532. Both of the LMX units are lease units.

This image was scanned from a Kodak T-Max 400 negative using a Nikon Coolscan 9000 ED film scanner. I used Nik Software's Dfine 2 to try and reduce the grain a bit, but other than that I only used a general levels adjustment to enhance the image.


All images/photographs are copyrighted © by Tom Gatermann. All rights reserved.

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