Mount Rushmore Framed

August 1991. Near Keystone, South Dakota.

And now for something completely different from my recent posts. Recently I've been digging into some of the scans I have done of my old film images. This one is from my high school days and was taken during a family vacation to the Black Hills of South Dakota. The view is through a tunnel on the Needles Highway in the Black Hills. As you can guess from the sign, the tunnels on the Needles Highway are only wide enough for one car to pass through at a time.

The image was captured on Kodak Tri-X black and white film. The film was either processed in Kodak D-76 or Kodak HC-110 film developer. Those were my two mainstay developers at the time. The negative was scanned on a Nikon ED9000 film scanner and processed in Adobe Photoshop.


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