UP Train ILXMND-18 - Chester Subdivision - 06/22/12

Double stack cars on UP train ILXMND-18 roll south on the Chester Subdivison, near Chalfin Bridge, Illinois.
Double stack cars - UP train ILXMND-18

Intermodal containers sit double stacked in well cars, on south bound Union Pacific (UP) train ILXMND-18. The train is between Valmeyer, Illinois, and Chalfin Bridge, Illinois, on Union Pacific's Chester Subdivision.

Train ILXMND-18

Train ILXMND-18 was a detour train running on the Chester Subdivision. This train runs between the Port of Los Angeles (LX) to Marion, Arkansas, (MN). Normally train ILXMN runs via the Southwestern portion of the United States, on the Sunset Route across California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas, and then north to Marion, Arkansas. However, for some reason the train detoured via the St. Louis, Missouri, area, and then south through Illinois and Missouri to Marion, Arkansas.

Photograph taken: June 22, 2012, at Chalfin Bridge, Illinois.


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