UP 6565 - TRRA Merchants Subdivision - 12/28/04

UP 6565 sits on TRRA's Merchants Subdivision near the Amtrak Station in St. Louis, Missouri.
UP 6565 - St. Louis, MO

Union Pacific 6565 (a General Electric AC44CW) sits on track 56 of the TRRA Merchants Subdivision. In the distance an Amtrak locomotive sits with some cars on one of the Amtrak station lead tracks. To the right of UP 6565 is the Union Pacific's 12th Street Yard, which on this day was filled. In the upper left corner are two UP trains sitting on the Union Pacific's Jefferson City Subdivision. UP 6565's train and the loaded coal train in the upper left corner were both waiting their turn to head east through Gratiot Street Interlocking. The two rows of loaded coal hoppers just to the left of UP 6565's train are actually one train that was split into two parts so the train could fit into 12th Street Yard.

Photograph taken: December 28, 2004, at St. Louis, Missouri.


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