Union Pacific 3985 - Superbowl XXXVIII Special - Buffalo, KS

Union Pacific 3985's Superbowl XXXVIII Special fills the sky with smoke at Buffalo, KS.
UP 3985 - Buffalo, KS

Union Pacific 3985 fills the cold winter sky with smoke as the Super Bowl XXXVIII Special heads north on Union Pacific's Coffeyville Subdivision, toward Kansas City, Missouri. The train would stay over night in Kansas City before moving on to its next stop on the return leg of the Super Bowl XXXVIII Special tour. Eventually UP 3985 would return home to Cheyenne, Wyoming, where Union Pacific's heritage steam locomotives are based out of.

About the image

This image was originally captured on Kodak Ektachrome slide film, and scanned on a Nikon CoolScan 9000 ED film scanner. Conversion was done in Adobe Photoshop, using Nik Software's Silver Efex Pro.

Photo taken: February 8, 2004, at Buffalo, Kansas.


  1. Wow. Dramatic. Thanks for sharing to #steamysunday.

  2. I'm just imagining the awesome sound that accompanied this scene!  Nice capture.

  3. Mighty awesome capture, my heart is beating.

  4. Thanks Michelle Thompson. It was pretty spectacular to witness.

  5. Beautiful image!  Looks great in monochrome!  Thanks for sharing to #steamysunday  !

  6. Thank you very much Dirk Buttgereit Photography.

  7. Full head steam add smoking GT , IMAGING, SCENE ,..//$$

  8. It was an impressive scene george solley. I could see 3985 spewing smoke for miles.

  9. I'm going to need a bigger printer then.


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