Bright Red On A Cloudy Day

TRRA 1517 is on the point of a local doing some switching between North Market and Branch Street on the TRRA's Merchants Subdivision. To the left of the train is a large scrap metal facility that the gondolas behind the engines were destined for.

Photo taken: December 11, 2004. St. Louis, Missouri.


  1. I work for the TRRA and know exactly where this is. Great picture. Would love to see more pictures of the TRRA.

  2. Thanks James D.

    Seems like even when I was getting out more to photograph that didn't see very much of the TRRA. As I dig through my older photos, hopefully I'll come across some TRRA shots that I have forgotten about.

  3. Tom Gatermann​ I'm currently out on disability, haven't worked since Dec 27. And that's a great picture to have as we don't have those engines anymore.

  4. I miss the old goats. The newer geeps are nice, but not quite as interesting as the SWs.

    Hope you get better soon James D.


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