UP 5662 & UP 6674 - KCT Highline Bridge - Santa Fe Junction

UP 5662 and UP 6674 are westbound on the KCT Highline Bridge at Santa Fe Junction
UP 5662 & UP 6674 - KCT Highline Bridge - Santa Fe Junction
Union Pacific 5662 and Union Pacific 6674 lead an empty coal train west across the eastern approach of the Kansas City Terminal's (KCT) Highline Bridge, above BN Crossing at Santa Fe Junction. Above the two Union Pacific locomotives is an east bound BNSF Z train that was made up almost entirely of UPS trailers on flat cars (TOFC).

Below the two bridges is BN Crossing (labeled as BN XING Interlocking on the control box in the photograph), where the two north-south tracks of the BNSF Fort Scott Subdivision crosses the two east-west main tracks of the KCT. The two tracks curving off to the left of the photograph connect the Fort Scott Subdivision with the KCT tracks.

Photo taken: Kansas City, Missouri. August 28, 2005.


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