BNSF 4207 - Nearing Santa Fe Junction - Kansas City

BNSF 4207 (a GE B23-7) leads a train south at Santa Fe Junction.
BNSF 4207
BNSF 4207 (a GE B23-7) leads a train south at Santa Fe Junction. BNSF 4207 is a patched ex-Santa Fe unit. The train was on its way from BNSF's Murray Yard in North Kansas City, Missouri, to BNSF's Argentine Yard, in Kansas City, Kansas.  The train is making its way down  KCT Track 80, and onto BNSF Main 4. The two tracks that veer off to the left side of the photograph lead to the lower deck of the KCT's Highline Bridge. The two tracks that curve under the West 23rd Street bridge to the right of the train are BNSF's Fort Scott Subdivision.

There are a number of bridges in this photograph. The closest bridge, in the background, is the West 23rd Street Trafficway overpass. Beyond that is the faded green Intestate 670 bridge, at the northern end of BNSF's 19th Street Yard. Just beyond the Interstate highway bridge is the 12th Street viaduct, which is a multi-level road bridge.

Photo taken: June 16, 2004. Kansas City, Missouri.


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