West Side Lumber Co. 9 on Devil's Gate Bridge

West Side Lumber Co. 9 pulls its train across Devil's Gate Bridge on the Georgetown Loop Railway, as the conductor peeks out looking back over the train.

Photo taken: September 1, 2013, at Georgetown, Colorado.


  1. Beautiful! I've ridden in the cab of that locomotive when it was in Iowa.

  2. Was lived in Colorado Springs, the whole state is amazing views

  3. Thanks, Shelly Gunderson. I wasn't aware of there being a narrow gauge railway in Iowa. Just researched the Midwest Central Railroad where #9 found a home before being leased to Georgetown.

  4. Kusuma Hook, agreed, the state of Colorado is beautiful.

  5. Yes, it's part of a big Steam Thresher show similar to what I work at in Minnesota. Very cool locomotive. They were sad to see it go though they got one in exchange.

  6. Definitely interesting, Shelly Gunderson​. I learned something new today. Thanks.


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