Tram 9252 under an archway in Lesser Town Prague

Tram 9252 under an archway on Letenská street in Lesser Town Prague
Tram 9252 - Archway in Lesser Town

Tram 9252, a model 15 T tram built by A Škoda, makes its way through a small archway underneath a building on Letenská street in Lesser Town Prague.

The tracks

The tracks through the archway/tunnel are interesting, in my opinion. The tracks do not come together utilizing a switch to form a single track through the archway, and then split apart using another switch on the other side of the archway. Instead, the two tracks come very close together, but stay separated from each other.  I didn't realize this until I was back home from my trip and looking at the photographs.

Photograph taken: April 29, 2015, at Prague, Czechia.


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