DPP Tram 9320 on Letenská Street - Lesser Town Prague

Tram 9320 on Letenská Street in Lesser Town Prague.
Tram 9320 - Lesser Town Prague
DPP tram 9320 (a Škoda type 15 T) rolls down Letenská Street in Menší Město pražské (Lesser Town of Prague). In the background is the steeple of Kostel svatého Josefa (St. Joseph Church).

The tram is running on Tramway (Route) 20 and is heading toward the Malostranská tram stop/station. Tramway 20 runs between Sídliště Barrandov, on the southern end of the line, and Divoká Šárka, on the northern end. The Prague tram system is operated by opravní podnik hlavního města Prahy (Prague Public Transport Company).

April 29, 2015. Prague, Czechia.
Photo © Tom Gatermann


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