BNSF 856 - Gooseneck - West Bottoms - Kansas City - May 2004

BNSF 856 - Gooseneck - West Bottoms - Kansas City - May 2004
BNSF 856 - Gooseneck - Kansas City, MO

BNSF 856 leads a train off the Hannibal Bridge, and into the Gooseneck, as another train heads north out of the Gooseneck and onto the Hannibal Bridge. The Gooseneck is a short section of track, with tight curves that leads from the Hannibal Bridge to the West Bottoms. Not seen in the photograph is the Union Pacific's KC Metro Subdivision, which runs under the southern approach to the Hannibal Bridge, next to the Missouri River, about where the third autorack car is on BNSF 856's train.


BNSF 856's train is entering the Gooseneck on Main 2 of BNSF's St. Joseph Subdivision, while the other train is on Main 1. The St. Joseph Subdivision's southern end is just ahead of BNSF 856, at the southern end of the Gooseneck. The Gooseneck itself is only about 2,000 feet long, when measuring from the southern end of the Hannibal Bridge to the Interstate 70 overpass to the south of here.

The Hannibal Bridge and the Gooseneck are BNSF's main artery for trains moving between BNSF's Murray Yard, St. Joseph Subdivision, and Brookfield Subdivision in North Kansas City, Missouri, to and from BNSF's Fort Scott Subdivision and BNSF's Argentine Yard, via the West Bottoms and Santa Fe Junction to the south of here. Trains leaving the Gooseneck to the south can get to the Santa Fe Junction complex via either BNSF's Fort Scott Subdivision or via Kansas City Terminal's tracks through the West Bottoms.

Pencoyd Bridge

The old railroad bridge that the two trains are passing under was known as the Pencoyd Bridge, and was part of the old Kansas City Suburban Belt Railroad. It was moved from this location and now serves as the pedestrian bridge by Kansas City Union Station. The moving of the bridge from this location to Kansas City Union Station was featured in Mega Movers - Massive Bridges (Season One, Episode 12) on the History Channel.

About the photograph

The original image was captured on Kodak Ektachrome slide film, and was converted to digital using a Nikon CoolScan film scanner.The file was scanned into a NEF RAW file, and then edited in Adobe Camera RAW and Adobe Photoshop.

May 24, 2004. Kansas City, Missouri.


  1. Looks like a model train layout. Perfect picture.

  2. Thanks, Thomas Hogge.
    Thanks, Shelly Gunderson.
    Thanks, Nathan Tatosian.


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