UP 844 - Shiloh Limited - UP River Subdivision - Waverly, MO

UP 844 leads the Shiloh Limited east on the UP's River Subdivision at Waverly, MO.
UP 844 - Shiloh Limited

Union Pacific (UP) 844, leads the Shiloh Limited east on Union Pacific's River Subdivision, under the US 24 bridge at Waverly, Missouri. The Shiloh Limited was a special excursion train heading to Memphis, Tennessee, for the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Shiloh. The Battle of Shiloh occurred during the American Civil War, at Shiloh, Tennessee, north of Corinth, Mississippi., on April 6-7, 1862.

Between Kansas City, Missouri, and Jefferson City, Missouri, Union Pacific's River Subdivision and Sedalia Subdivision  are used in a directional running capacity. The River Subdivision is used for east bound trains, while the Sedalia Subdivision is used for west bound trains, between the two cities. The only exception to the directional running is that Amtrak trains run in both directions on the Sedalia Subdivision. The River Subdivision is named so because it mostly follows the Missouri River between Kansas City and Jefferson City.

Photo taken: March 27, 2012, at Waverly, Missouri.


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