Skating Along

May 31, 2017. Boston, Massachusetts.

While setting up to take an image at the Central Burying Grounds, located at Boston Commons, this guy came riding through the park on his skateboard. I snapped a few shots of him in the frame, as well as a few once he had passed, and I thought the image with him skating along stood out to me more.

Per the City of Boston's website, the cemetery dates from 1756.

Photo © Tom Gatermann.


  1. Very nice and one form of transport I have not tried because I would probably kill myself trying to do it. :-)

  2. Thanks a lot, ᙅYᙖᙓᖇ ᗪOᙅ™

  3. Thanks, Shelly Gunderson

    I tried skateboarding when I was a teen, but could never quite grasp it. I prefer modes of transport that have actual break pads these days.


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