Disappearing Over the Hill

August 23, 2005. Powder River Coal Basin, Wyoming.

BNSF 8816 is the distributed power unit pushing on a north bound empty coal train on the BNSF's Orin Subdivision. At this time the section of track was double tracked, but within a short amount of time it would be triple tracked. This image was taken between Hwy 450, to the north, and Edwards/Reno Road, to the south.

Photo © Tom Gatermann.


  1. Great shot showing the vastness of the area!

  2. That shot looks great. They should turn on the lights, make it look like running with the long hood forward..........

  3. Thanks, trekky60 I was going to Photoshop the lights on for you, but then I realized an even bigger issue, no rear ditch lights.


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