The Long Road

August 21, 2005. South Dakota.

In this view we are looking north, down South Dakota Highway 44, towards Badlands National Park.

Photo © Tom Gatermann


  1. Nice one the way to see the USA is when you drive yourself in my view :)

  2. Thanks, Charles van Dijk.

    If I want to take it easy and see the sights, nothing beats driving. Though, I do also enjoy the comfort of riding on train and just sitting back for the journey. Flying I'll do when I need to get some where quickly, but I find nothing enjoyable about it.

  3. Nice image! I have been on that road a few years ago.

  4. Thank you, Shelly Gunderson. I've been lucky to see the Badlands twice, though this was the first time I took this road to get there.

  5. Thank you, Trucker Kev The Paid Tourist!


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