UP 844 at Kansas City Union Station

May 30, 2006. Kansas City, MO.

Union Pacific 844 sits at Kansas City Union Station, while waiting to depart for the day's excursion. Today's run, if I remember right was from Kansas City, MO to North Platte, NE. The locomotive was heading back home to Cheyenne, WY.

Photo © Tom Gatermann.


  1. Gorgeous image! Love this locomotive! I believe you are correct on it's trip. It was either as it was heading to KC or heading back that I got photos of it in my town. Thanks for playing!

  2. Thanks, Shelly Gunderson. I followed the locomotive to Topeka, and then gave up the chase, since I had other obligations in KC later that day. I know it went to at least Marysville, KS., but I feel it went all the way to North Platte that day.

  3. Yes, i remember that. I got it going to KC. I know it has overnighted in Marysville before but not sure if it was that trip.

  4. Shelly Gunderson, out of curiosity, I went and Googled the schedule. If the archive I found at, utahrails.net - Union Pacific Steam Schedules is accurate, it looks like it went to Fairbury, NE and stayed the night there.


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