Coffee Y'all

I spotted this coffee camper at the Nashville Farmers Market earlier this year. The coffee was delicious!


  1. Ooo, fun! I love a good cup of coffee! The flavors at this place look interesting. I didn't see a price anywhere. Guess if you have to ask... :-) Hope things get calmer for you soon.

  2. Cool! (or hot as the case may be ;) )

  3. Great repurposing, nice shot Tom Gatermann

  4. Thanks, Shelly Gunderson. The price is a bit on the high side, so not something I'd indulge in too often.

    Thanks, Brian Christian. I went for the hot coffee, but it was a "cool" coffee.

    Thanks, Bill Millier. I agree, a great re-purposing of the old camper.


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