GO Transit - GOT 606 - Strachan Street - Toronto, ON

GOT 606 pushes a commuter train west toward Strachan Street, west of Bathurst Street.
GOT 606 - Go Transit - Strachan Street
In this photograph, looking west from Bathurst Street, GO Transit (GOT) 606 pushes an afternoon commuter train toward Strachan Street, and GO Transit's Weston Subdivision. The train has just left Toronto Union Station during the afternoon commuter rush. In the background construction is underway for a road-over-rail grade separation project at Strachan Street.

Weston Subdivision Trains

GO Transit commuter trains heading to Milton, Kitchener, and Barrie, all use the Weston Subdivision at this location. Commuter trains to and from Barrie, Ontario, diverge from the Weston Subdivision and onto the Canadian National's Newmarket Subdivision, near Lansdowne Avenue and Dundas Street West. The junction with the Newmarket Subdivision is about 3 miles (5 km) northwest of Union Station. Trains to and from Milton, Ontario, use the Weston Subdivision between Toronto Union Station and West Toronto Junction, and then use the Canadian Pacific's Galt Subdivision between West Toronto and Milton. West Toronto Junction is about four miles (6.4 km) northwest of Union Station. GO Transit trains to Kitchener, Ontario, utilize the Weston Subdivision the entire length of the route between Union Station and Kitchener.

In addition to GO Transit trains, Union-Pearson Express (UP) trains utilize the Weston Subdivision. The UP trains run between Toronto Union Station and Pearson Airport. The UP trains diverge/join the Weston Subdivision on the border of Etobicoke, Ontario, and Mississauga, Ontario, under Highway 427, north of the airport.

Weston Subdivision Improvements

A view, from the CN Tower, of the road-over-rail grade separationproject at Strachan Street in Toronto, Ontario.
Road-over-rail grade separation at Strachan Street
At of the time of this writing, many major improvement projects have been started and completed on the Weston Subdivision. Grade separation projects, in addition to the one seen here at Strachan Street, have been started and completed at Denison Road and Carlingview Drive. At Denison Road and Carlingview Drive rail-over-road grade separation projects were started.

In addition to the rail-road separation projects, a rail-over-rail grade separation project was undertaken at West Toronto Junction. At the junction a trench and short tunnel have been built to carry the Weston Subdivision under Canadian Pacific's North Toronto Subdivision. The tunnel allows GO Transit's commuter trains to avoid the busy junction of the Canadian Pacific's Galt Subdivision and North Toronto Subdivision. West Toronto Junction is the eastern end of the Galt Subdivision, and the western end of the North Toronto Subdivision. Also, about four miles (6.4 km) northwest of West Toronto Junction, a tunnel has been built at Weston, a neighborhood in Toronto, Ontario.

In addition to the grade separation projects, additional track capacity has been added to the subdivision, and many of the stations along the line have been upgrade. The Weston Subdivision also carries the Union-Pearson Express trains that run between Toronto Union Station and Pearson Airport.

Photos taken: July 10, 2014, at Toronto, Ontario.


  1. I like your TGsCAnadianRailroading_MMziTKB collection Tom Gatermann (But I recognize I have a bias being a Canuck)
    I hope you get a chance to see more railroads than just Toronto's over time. Some of the trackage through the Rockies is spectacular. Vancouver has lots to see as well, as do the Prairies.
    (then there are the trains in Europe....😊)

  2. Thanks a lot, Jim Robertson. I was hoping that the Plus would stick around long enough that I could eventually fill the collection with more images from outside the GTA. Guess, when I do, they will have to be posted elsewhere.

    I've been lucky to photograph trains in France and Czechia, as well as trams in Austria and Hungary.

  3. Thank you, Shelly Gunderson!
    Thank you, John Balboni!


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