Looking Down McCaul Street Toward The CN Tower from OCAD

Looking Down McCaul Street Toward The CN Tower from OCAD.
OCAD - CN Tower - Toronto, ON

This view is looking south on McCaul Street toward the CN Tower, by OCAD University (formerly named Ontario College of Art and Design).

Photograph taken: November 22, 2010, at Toronto, Ontario.


  1. Changed a little bit since I lived there!!

  2. Interesting scene. Hang in there. I have been crazy busy too.

  3. Great city shot, Tom. That's some interesting architecture!

  4. very cool is that by any chance still use the light rail or streetcar line?

  5. Jim Robertson, Toronto is always a city in flux it seems. Constantly changing. Every time I go back to visit something is always new and different.

  6. Thanks a lot, Shelly Gunderson. Here, it's just the endless cycle of a fussy newborn, with really bad acid reflux.

  7. Thank you, Brian Christian! The university is on the same block as the Art Gallary of Ontario. In some ways it all bleeds together. I thought the university buildings, at first, were part of the museum.

  8. Thanks, Trucker Kev The Paid Tourist. There are a lot of active street car lines in downtown Toronto. At the time, I do not believe this particular one was active.

  9. Yikes, that definitely is not fun. Hope you can get that resolved.

  10. Tom Gatermann I lived in Toronto for 20 years ('78 to '98) and almost got used to it๐Ÿ˜Š


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