Google+ Import Boundary - Time to Move On

All posts prior to this were imported from Google+, using Google+ Exporter from (about). (download site). (G+ Profile, this link probably won't work after the shut down).

In this export/import attempt, I have imported all public posts that were attached to my public posts on G+. However, the hashtags attached to my G+ posts did not get imported as Blogger labels in this attempt. However, I'm okay with that since I want to clean up and redo my hashtags/labels in this incarnation Web presence. In my first attempt to export my G+ profile and import it into Blogger, I did not import the comments and the hashtags were imported as Blogger labels.

On this blog I have severed it from G+. I know Blogger currently offers integration for Blogger profiles and for blog comments with G+, but those are probably not going to work after the G+ shutdown.


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