Over The Hump

This BNSF stack train was heading west over the flyover at Santa Fe Junction back in September 2005. I took this photo from the observation deck of the Liberty Memorial.

The Santa Fe Junction area has three distinct levels of railroad tracks. The highest level is the flyover, which now serves as the primary way that BNSF trains get from near Kansas City Union Station (outside of the photograph on the right) to Argentine Yard. The middle level, is the bridge that passes under the flyover, which is the western approach to the Kaw River Bridge. Once this bridge gets to the Kansas River, it becomes a double-deck bridge. You can see the Kaw River Bride in the upper right corner. A pair of tracks on the ground cross over the Kansas River on the lower deck of the bridge. The lowest level is the ground level tracks. Also, on the ground level is BN Crossing, where the BNSF's Fort Scott Subdivision cross the KCT tracks. Much of the trackage at Santa Fe Junction and around it, including the flyover and Kaw River Bridge, are owned by the Kansas City Terminal Railroad.

Photo taken: Kansas City, Missouri. September 27, 2005.
Photo © Tom Gatermann


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